Bulkmailer Report (#5) - Feb 7. 1996

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The input form for the bulkmailer (draft 1.1) and the associated script also a draft... are ready for testing... (output is always an adventure...)

Three related files:

/potter/bulkmail/bm_form.html    input form
/potter/bulkmail/bm_create       shell script
/potter/bulkmail/end_msg.html    target file after exit from form...
I need some direction regarding testing... location of test scripts, etc..

The bulkmaler should break out into the following modules...

bm_check    check for pending bulkmail for user

bm_send     if there is pending mail, bm_check will 
               'exec bm_send $user $msg_list' 
            and then return (TRUE) to the welcome.html page

bm_create   process input form

bm_process  crone routine to process mail on $send_date

bm_report   report to  $sent-by
------End report----