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PAT Update

The apache caching http proxy server (discussed last week) is running on chebucto.ns.ca so that all net access through the cable system is routed through CCN. Since the Cable PAT's are withdrawn from service at this time, the only active usage is the router at Prince Arthur Junior High, which is reported to be performing adequately, although it has not yet been heavily stressed.
[Internet]  ---  [CCN]  -------------  [PA router]
                         |  ISDN
                          -----------  [Discovery Center]

The Halifax Main Library PAT, which needs to be picked up, will be debugged by a team headed by Chris Maxwell and Chris Travers.

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Distribution Update

Landon Boyd reported that he was successfully using the Concurrent Version System (CVS) which he reported on last meeting.

Porting of the CSuite install to Solaris was proceeding, using autoconf, but it appears to need a lot of work.

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Development Priorities

A discussion on current projects was held, to summarize our current status and familiarize the new volunteers with them. The first three listed projects will be treated as immediate priorities.

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CSuite Users Manual

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Suspend Message

Complaints have led us to expand the content of the suspend message which is generated by the automatic renewal notice system, to include more information about how to renew. David Trueman will make this change.

Suggestions were heard that suspended accounts be given essentially guest access privilege, and landed in the renewal page area upon login.

Alternatively, with the Welcome page, we could invoke display of the message based on only the date parameters in the file.

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MBONE demo

Trent presented a demo of mbone, a system for displaying audio and video in real-time over the net (without using excessive resources). We want to consider this as a way of expanding the CSuite Workshops to include other CSuite sites in live discussion and demos.

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