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Volunteering with Chebucto Community Net

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There are many kinds of volunteers and volunteer tasks at Chebucto Community Net. Some people are able to becoming involved on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Others like to help out occasionally, such as when we host a public event. Whatever your interests, we can find a place for you!

If you are interested in being an Active Volunteer, please fill out a Chebucto Volunteers Information Form. There could be a job waiting for you!

How the Volunteers Mailing List Works

You subscribe to the list if you want to be asked to help out Chebucto Community Net when the need arises. When you decide you no longer have time to offer, you unsubscribe from the list.

Send email to:

with the message

subscribe ccn-volunteers     (to join the list)
unsubscribe ccn-volunteers     (to leave the list)
info volunteers     (to get the current information file)

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