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Volunteering with Chebucto Community Net

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The Chebucto Community Net, unlike commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs), is administered and directed by its members. CCN therefore depends greatly on the kindness and support of volunteers who dedicate a portion of their free time to this virtual reflection of our community.

As chair of the Volunteer Committee, my task is to inform the membership of ways in which they can participate in the operation of CCN. At the same time, our volunteers gain new skills which they can take into all facets of the 'information society'. With Chebucto Community Net, we move forward together. Read about some of the benefits of volunteering.

There are many ways to volunteer with Chebucto. Follow the links below to explore these options, and when you find something you think suits your talents and interests, go to the volunteer registration page. Note that you must have a Chebucto Community Net user account in order to perform many of the volunteer tasks [register for an account].

On behalf of the Chebucto Community Net, thanks for your interest in joining our volunteer teams.

Mark Rushton
Chair, Volunteer Cttee

Public Relations

Under the direction of our
Communications Committee
and Marketing Vice-Chair,
assisting in the promotion
of Chebucto Community Net.

Assisting in the design and HTML creation of webpages for our information providers.

Working with the Technical Committee, volunteers assist in the ongoing development and maintenance of Chebucto Community Net.
Office & Administration
CCN relies on a half-time office staffer to deal with the many inquiries, new account setups, filing, etc. This is a vital volunteer area that keeps CCN organized and operating.
Support & Training

Covering all aspects of supporting Chebucto users, information providers, online documents, etc.

Chebucto Community Net relies on membership dues, IP fees and donations for its operation. Your assistance in efforts to increase our cash flow would be appreciated. Contact us for more info.

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