The mandate of the Nova Scotia Basketry Guild is:
  • to share information about basketry,
  • to promote an awareness of basketry to the community-at-large,
  • to promote the preservation of traditional Nova Scotia basketry techniques
  • to promote the development of contemporary basketry techniques

  • Welcome to our world of basketry
    We do our best to keep the information current, however sometimes we need a note from our readers to keep us current.

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    Three styles of traditional basketry in Nova Scotia
    Mi'kmaq Ash

    Pounded Ash Splint
    Black - red maple

    Red Maple Strips
    European Willow

    Willow, Osier, Withe, Straws

    The NOVA SCOTIA BASKETRY GUILD (NSBG) was formed in 1988 in response to a growing interest in the craft of basketry in the province. 

    We hold workshops on Tuesday mornings with occasional weekend workshops in summer with invited instructors. We work with Willow, Witherod, Red Osier Dogwood, Maple, Ash, Poplar, fresh and saltwater marsh reed, paper, cardboard, telephone wire and a variety of other flexible materials used to weave baskets, hats, bags, bird feeders, chair seats, garden support structures, living willow fences and other assorted items.

    A member of the local black community has taught some of our guild members the technique of making a maple splint basket - starting with the tree! These workshops occur over a period of several weekends. We have also had a number of maritime Mi'kmaq teach us the art of weaving with ash splints - starting with the tree!

    Over the years our instructors have come from the local community of traditional basketmakers - Mi'kmaq and Black - and from the wider international basket community of Switzerland, England, Sweden, Japan, USA, Upper Canada, and Western Canada.  Often we work from a chosen pattern with one of the NSBG members as leader of the workshop.

    Welcome to the
    Nova Scotia Basketry Guild

    On December 1st, 2015 the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks struck us off the list of Registered Societies of the Province.

    We are now an Ad hoc group of basketweavers.

    we continue as a dynamic group
    with the same mandate and goals as we have always had.

    We have not disbanded we have just reorganized ourselves.
    What does this mean?  Well here is a brief list of the changes:

    1)  Weekly Tuesday Workshops
    2)  Demonstrations around the province will continue
    3)  Website and E-mail Notices to remain as in the past
    4)  Workshops other than Tuesdays will be organized by the instructor and participants will cover all costs of the workshop
    5)  No more Annual Dues
    6)  No more Regular Monthly Workshops
    7)  No more Formal Meetings
    8)  No more Archiving of NSBG printed documents

    If you are interested in joining us please contact us.

    If you find any errors or ommissions on this website  please contact the Web Master

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