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Connecting to CCN Using an IBM-compatible

If you're in a hurry...

If you already know how to use your modem and communications software, here are the communications settings for connecting to the Chebucto Community Net.

What you need:

There are many commercial software packages available.

Modems are available from any computer retailer. Good-quality 14,400 modems can be bought for less $25, 56k modems for less than $75.

You can use your current telephone line to connect to Chebucto Community Net.

Installing Modems

If you have not already done so, install your modem, following the instructions that came with it. You should always turn your computer off before connecting or installing new hardware.

Internal Modems

Installing an internal modem requires opening up your computer.

Older internal modems or operating systems may require you to change 'jumpers' on the modem board and/or specify *operating system and *communication software settings including specifying strange things with stranger names... the Serial Port # and the associated IRQ/BaseAddress.

In some cases you must disable an existing Serial Port and/or change the settings of other hardware/software such as a mouse, sound/cd-rom card or a network card...

If you are new to computers, are missing any of the documentation for any of the cards in your computer, or... do not feel that your sense of self is threatened by blissful ignorance of things humans were never meant to understand... you may want to turn the installation/setup of an internal modem over to your computer dealer, or invite a knowledgeable friend over for a (very) good meal... ;-)

Newer internal modems claim to be easy to install... "Plug and Play" is a term that is often used.... The chief difference between the newer technologies and the older technologies is largely in the cost of the wine you offer your friend. It should still be a decent wine but it does not have to be extravagant.

External Modems

If you are using an external modem, you may still have to change serial port settings.

Remember: For both internal and external modems, connect the telephone cord that came with your modem to a telephone wall jack. Plug the other end into the modem.

Installing your software

You can use any communications software, including the communications modules in multi-function software such as Microsoft Works, the Terminal program included in Windows 3x or HyperTerminal, the terminal program included with Windows 9x, 2000.

Follow the program's instructions to install the software on your computer's hard disk drive. If you are using a system with only floppy drives, make a backup copy of the communications software disk. Put the original in a safe place, and use the copy.

If you have difficulty copying files or installing the software, consult the manuals that came with your software.

How to connect

You will need to enter some information in your communications program so that you can connect to CCN. Your communications software may refer to this information as Communications Settings, Terminal Settings Communications Parameters or Terminal Emulation.

Here are the recommended settings for Chebucto Community Net.

Almost all communications programs allow you to save this information so you do not have to enter it again.

Now give your software the command to dial, using the settings you saved in the previous step.

If you get a busy signal, try again later.

When you have connected to CCN you will be asked for some important information before you can begin your session.

If you do not get a "Connect" message or a busy signal, there is a problem with your modem or with the communications settings in your software. Check your connections, make sure that the settings match those listed above, and try again.

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