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Frequently Asked / Answered Questions
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Frequently Asked / Answered Questions

Answers provided by volunteers to questions asked by users.

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Accented Characters On CCN
Accessing Internet From CCN #1
Accessing Internet From CCN #2
Alt.Binaries Newsgroups Empty
Anonymous Email / Postings


Bad Forms Report
Bad HTML (Invalid Coding)
Bad Modems
Baud Rates On CCN
BinHex (encoded MacIntosh Files)
BinSCII (encoded Apple II files)
Bookmarks Error
Bulk Mail


Cancelling News Postings
CCN Browser
CCN File Caching
CCN Online Manual & User Guide
CGI Scripts
COMit File Transfers
Communications Programs
Composing Email Offline
Concatenated Email
Copying Files


Dealing With Junk E-Mail (Spam)
Deleting Files
Dial Up Networking Using Win95


Email Aggregate
Email Caching
Email Decoding
Email Delivery
Email Downloading
Empty Newsgroups
Exit Via Interrupt 0 (Zipping Error)


Filenames Too Long
File Saving Problem
File Transfer Order
File Write Failed (/var/sys full)
Finding Your Newspostings
Fingering CCN
FTP on the CCN


Go Command Doskey
Graphic Browsers On CCN


Hidden (and Dot) Files Explained (Basic Account Quota)
Homepage Creation
HTML Design


Importing & Exporting Files
Index.HTML File
Inline Images



Kermit Downloads/Uploads
Killfile Editing



Mailing List Information
Mailing List Sub
Moving Tagged Files
Multiple Bookmark Files


News Posting Errors
Newsgroups Gone
Newsrc File


Octet Stream - PINE Attachments
Organizing Bookmarks


Packet Transfers
Picture Decoding II-GS
Picture Decoding PC
POP Server (Offline Email Reading)
ProComm Buffer Capture


Quota Page


Reading News via PINE
Repairing Damaged Files
Resending Bounced Emails
Restarting Dead Newsgroups


Saving Text Attachments
Scripting Guidelines (for CGI Scripts)
Searching URL Directory Levels
Sending Large Attachments
Setting File Permissions
Signature At Bottom In PINE
Signature File Creation
Slip & PPP On CCN
Stalled Newsgroups
Subscribing To Newsgroups


Telix Configuration


Unsubbing From Mailing Lists
Uploading Email
Uploading With Telix
Uploading Works For Windows Documents
URLStats Hits


Virus Solution


White Pages Info
Why IRC, Chat & Talk Are Disabled On CCN
Windows 95/98 Control Codes In PINE
World Wide Web Access From CCN




Zip Downloading
ZModem Slower On Telnet Than On Dial-Up
ZModem Resume & Crash Recovery
ZTerm Screen Refresh

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