Filling in Forms

This document describes the use of forms in lynx. If you are using Netscape or Internet Explorer or some other browser, use the help function in that browser to learn how to use forms.

A form is a means for you to communicate information to the system beyond simply viewing documents. There are several different elements that you will encounter in a form. These include:

It is important to understand that a form does absolutely nothing until you explicitly Submit it (see below).

Most forms will start with a horizontal line as a visual cue. Below, you will find several elements in a practice form. Use your down arrow to go to the first element.

Fill in the Blank

A single line text entry field looks like this:

Type your favourite food here:

To fill in a text entry field, first move there with your up or down arrow. Type in one or more words. You can use BACKSPACE or DELETE or the back arrow to make corrrections as you type. Now press the TAB key or the up or down arrow to indicate the end of your entry. You can practice on the field above (go ahead, it can't hurt). Notice that the status line at the bottom of the screen reminds you of what you can do.

		Optimized for Lynx!

To move through the following multi-line text area use the 'down arrow' key.

Text areas may not automatically wrap your text...


A checkbox looks like this:

Check here.

A checkbox has just two settings: checked or not checked. You can switch between these two settings by moving to the checkbox with your arrow keys and then pressing RETURN or your right arrow. Pressing once will mark the checkbox as checked and pressing again will make it not checked. Try out the checkbox above.

Radio Buttons

A radio button looks like this:

Radio buttons come in 'sets' only one of which can be selected. Radio buttons differ from chechboxes in that one button of the set must always be selected.

You can switch between selections by moving to an unselected radio button with your arrow keys and then pressing RETURN or your right arrow.

Selection Boxes

A Selection List looks like this:

A "Selection list" usually has several options, one of which (the default) is visible. To view the options available... press the 'right arrow' or 'Enter/Return' key.

To select an option use the arrow key to select an option and then press 'Enter/Return'. checked. You can

Action Fields

An action field looks like this:

Submit the form:

Once you have filled in all the fields in a form, you should move to the Submit field with your arrow keys and press RETURN (or use your right arrow) to send the contents of the form off to the system. You can practice on the above Submit field; it will do nothing.

Another action field that you might occasionally use is the Reset action which will clear all the fields in the form so you can start over again. Here is one:

To start over:

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