Clan MacAlpine

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Gaelic Name for MacAlpine: MacAilpein
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Origin of Clan MacAlpine

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Symbols of Clan MacAlpine

There is a Gaelic saying, "Cnuic 'is uillt 'is Ailpeinich" [Hills and Streams and MacAlpine], which signifies the origin of the MacAlpines were contemporary with the origin of the hills and streams [ie, the earth].

"Tradition claims MacAlpin or MacAlpine as the oldest and most purely Celtic of the Highland clans, of royal descent from the dynasty of Kenneth MacAlpin who united Picts and Scots into one kingdom from the year 850, and transferred his capital to Perthshire from Dun Add in Dalriada (beside Loch Crinan).

"However, no clan of the name survived into the heyday of the clan system, though individual MacAlpins are recorded from the 13th century, mostly then in Perthshire."

[From: "Scots Kith & Kin," page 49.]

Clans which claim origin from the royal MacAlpin stock include:
Clan MacGregor
Clan MacAulay of Ardincaple
Clan MacDuff
Clan MacFie,
Clan MacQuarrie
Clan MacKinnon, and
Clan MacNab.
Some authorities claim Clan Grant is also of MacAlpin stock.

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