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Macintosh Compression & Conversion Software
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Macintosh Compression & Conversion Software

DropStuff 3.5.2
A Shareware (registration $30.00 US) compression program from Aladdin Systems, Inc. ,the makers of StuffIt, StuffIt Lite, StuffIt Deluxe, and StuffIt Space Saver. DropStuff will compress to StuffIt format, self extracting archive, and encrypt stuffed files. DropStuff comes with Expander Enhancer which allows StuffIt Expander to expand the greatest variety of file types.
Drop Text 1.5
Drop Text is a program for drag-and-drop conversion of text files between Mac, Unix and PC formats. Very, very handy for converting text files downloaded from CCN for editing on your Mac. Program is freeware with no registration fee. I highly recommend it f or any Mac user connecting to the InterNet or any PC based BBS.
Stuffit Expander
A Freeware expanding program from Aladdin Systems, Inc.. StuffIt Expander (with DropStuff and Expander Enhancer) will drag-and-drop expand the following formats: StuffIt (.sit), Compact Pro (.cpt), Zip (.zip), ARC(.arc), Apple Link packages (.pkg), GZip (.gz), Unix Compress (.Z), UUEncoded (.uu), MacBinary (.bin), Bin Hex (.hqx), and StuffIt Space Saver files.
Stuffit Lite 3.5
StuffIt is the most commonly used compression format for the Macintosh. StuffIt Lite is a shareware version (registration is $25.00US) of the more capable (and more costly) commercial program StuffIt Deluxe. Will compress and decompress in the following formats: Apple Link, Bin Hex, and MacBinary. Will expand the following formats: Compact Pro, Disk Doubler, and others.
UULite 1.7
UULite is a Mac program for UU encoding and decoding files. UU encoding is a common Unix based format for transfer of graphics and applications accross the net where file size and the use of all ascii characters could cause problems. UULite can convert between unix text and mac text files. It can also UUencode and UUdecode files for/from transfer on the net. It can also automatically merge and decode UUencoded files that have been split, such as files/graphics found in some of the newsgroups.Shareware fee is $37.00 US and payment can be made with credit card by internet E-Mail.
ZipIt 1.3.5
ZipIt is a very capable Macintosh program for expanding/compressing in the PC PKZip format. Very handy for compatibility with the many zipped files available on PC based BBSes. Shareware registration fee is $10.00 US by mail or $12.00 by phone or On-Line on Compuserve. ZipIt will also automatically unzip QWK mail files with the off line mail reader Freddie. Check out the ZipIt Internet Site. Version 1.3.5 uploaded 15 Jan 96, Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6, Self Extracting Archive format.
uuUndo 1.0
uuUndo is a drag-and-drop program for un-encoding files that have been uuEncoded. Examples of such are the graphics and files that one finds in the bodies of newsgroup messages where they appear as a large block of bizarre characters. I believe uuUndo is freeware with no registration fee as I can find no information on registration. Another highly recommended program for Mac users connected to the InterNet.
MacCompress 3.2 is a Macintosh program to compress/expand Unix compressed files. Freeware. Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6, 10 July 1995.
MacGzip 0.2.2 is a Macintosh program to compress/expand Unix Gzip 1.2.4 files. Works with System 7 ans is freeware. Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6, 10 July 1995.
SunTar 2.0 Beta 12 is a Macintosh program to compress/expand Unix Tar disks/files automatically converting plain text files and MacBinary and Bin-Hex file formats. Freeware. Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6, 10 July 1995.
UUTool 2.3.2 is a Macintosh program to compress/expand Unix UU encoded files. Freeware. Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6, 10 July 1995.
MPack 1.4 is a Macintosh version to compress and expand Mime encoded files. Freeware.
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