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Macintosh Viewer Software
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Macintosh Viewer Software

Sparkle 2.4.5.
Sparkle plays MPEGs, PICTs and QT movies and converts between them. It is multifinder friendly and, with enough memory, will open multiple documents at once. It is free.

REQUIRES: Sparkle is no longer supported on systems less that 7.5. If you refuse to upgrade to 7.5, the enclosed docs will tell you the list of extensions you need to get for Sparkle to work.

Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6

A Macintosh Quick-Time movie viewer. Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6.
An excellent multi-format graphic viewer for the Mac. Shareware - $35.00 US. Version 2.1.2 is smaller and can even fit, uncompressed on a DSHD floppie. Version 2.2 is more capable but is quite a bit bigger and will take much longer to download.

GraphicConverter 2.2 imports PICT, Startup-Screen, MacPaint, TIFF (uncompressed, packbits, CCITT3/4 and lzw), RIFF, PICS, 8BIM, 8BPS/PSD, JPEG/JFIF, GIF, PCX/SCR, GEM-IMG/-XIMG, BMP (RLE compressed BMP«s also), ICO/ICN, PIC (16 bit), FLI/FLC, TGA, MSP, PIC (PC Paint), SCX (ColoRIX), SHP, WPG, PBM/PGM/PPM, CGM (only binary), SUN , RLE, XBM, PM, IFF/LBM, PAC, Degas, TINY, NeoChrome, PIC (ATARI), SPU/SPC, GEM-Metafile, Animated NeoChrome, Imagic, ImageLab/Print Technic, HP-GL/2, FITS, SGI, DL, XWD, WMF, Scitex-CT, DCX, KONTRON, Lotus-PIC, Dr. Halo, GRP, VFF, Apple IIgs, AMBER, TRS-80, VB HB600, ppat, QDV, CLP, IPLab, SOFTIMAGE, GATAN, CVG, MSX, PNG, ART, RAW, PSION, SIXEL, PCD and ST-X.

GraphicConverter 2.2 exports PICT, Startup-Screen, MacPaint, TIFF (uncompressed, packbits and lzw), GIF, PCX, GEM-IMG/-XIMG, BMP, IFF/LBM, TGA, PSD, JPEG/JFIF, HP-GL/2, EPSF, Movie (QuickTime), SUN, PICS, PICT in Resource, PBM/PGM/PPM, SGI, TRS-80, ppat, SOFTIMAGE, PNG, PSION and RAW.

Gif Converter
From the READ ME File: "GIFConverter can open and read several graphic file formats, including GIF, TIFF, RIFF, PICT, JPEG (JFIF), MacPaint and Thunderscan. It can write these formats, as well as black-and-white EPS. It also prints on almost any Macintosh printer. You can use GIFConverter to convert files you find online for use in other programs, to view files, or to print them out." Shareware: $40.00 US plus shipping and handling. Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6.
JPEG Viewer
JPEGView version 3.3 is a fast, powerful image viewer for both 680x0 and PowerPC Macintoshes. JPEGView can open and display images in JPEG, PICT, GIF, TIFF, BMP, MacPaint, or Startup Screen formats. JPEGView is postcardware. The concept is simple: If you like it, you are obligated to send me a postcard of some sort. If you want a printed, bound manual and official release disk, register by sending in US$20. JPEGView *requires* System 7.0 or later to run. . Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6.
Sound Machine
Version 2.1. Play and record SND/AU (mu-law, A-law, linear) and AIFF/AIFC (MACE3, MACE6) sound files. Plethora of buttons during play to change speed, play backwards, loop sounds, switch formats, etc. No restriction on file size; playing can take place in background. Needs System 7. Can use the Speech Manager if present. Currently requires a 68020 or better. I recommend that you use the new Sound Manager 3.0. Really needs the Apple Sound Chip or better (AV) to work. This is not intended to be a sound format converter (that task is straightforward but very painful to implement, see "SOX") but rather a player for the most common (mac-orientated) SAMPLED SOUND sound formats. Freeware. Scanned with Disinfectant 3.6.
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