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Mail wrongly labelled as spam
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Mail wrongly labelled as spam

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Mail Wrongly Labelled As Spam

While every effort is made to only filter spam, there is a possibility that some legitimate mail could appear similar enough to spam to be filtered in error. By default or if you have selected Spam Filter ON, all mail filtered by Chebucto will be in a JUNKMAIL folder in your Chebucto mailbox. This JUNKMAIL folder can be accessed using the Chebucto Webmail service (available from the Chebucto home page), or with PINE through the Chebucto text-based interface. How to do this.

Should a piece of legitimate mail be filtered and put into your JUNKMAIL folder, you can then forward the legitimate mail to and we will examine it. Please include the full, unedited mail headers. In Chebucto Webmail, when viewing a legitimate message in your JUNKMAIL folder, select Report as Innocent (located on both the top and bottom of the message body) to submit legitimate mail to us for whitelisting.

On the Chebucto text service, PINE users press the letter l (small letter L) to see their mail folders. Select JUNKMAIL and hit Enter or Return to open the JUNKMAIL folder. Select the innocent email, press h to see full headers. Press f to forward the message and address it to

We can then either revise the spam filters or add the address to a non-filtered addresses list as circumstances warrant. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US EXAMPLES OF SPAM THE FILTER MISSED. We know that some spam will get through the filter and we get plenty of spam of our own already.

Please note: Only forward mail to us that you know to be legitimate mail directed to you that has been labelled as spam and put into your JUNKMAIL folder. We cannot recover mail labelled as spam which has been deleted.

If any mail is not reaching you and is not turning up in your JUNKMAIL folder, then there may be some other kind of problem and you should send a letter to giving as much information about the missing mail as you can.

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