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RSS News Feed

Chebucto Community Net is the first community net in Canada to offer an RSS news feed. Our RSS news feed helps keep our users and visitors up to date on the latest important Internet security news and updates to popular widely used software programs as well as the newest Chebucto Community Net developments.

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Chebucto Community Net RSS News Feed

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What is RSS?

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a way to present information to a user in a fast simple form. RSS news feeds are written using XML (Extensible Markup Language) and there are many different ways to access them. Different programs will support different features of the RSS news feed.

Typically RSS news feeds give headlines which you can then click on to go to a webpage with more information.

Newsfeed items would be about important updates to popular software, internet security news, or notable Chebucto Community Net developments.

Headline: Security update for Example (Feb. 10)
Web link:
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 05:32:26 -0400
Description: A critical flaw in the popular Internet software Example has been patched in the latest version, 1.1.2. The flaw would allow a remote user to take over a computer running the unpatched software.


How to use RSS

To use our RSS news feed, you will need a program that can read XML. The popular web browser Mozilla Firefox, available for free download from Mozilla.Org can access RSS feeds as Live Bookmarks or view our RSS feed directly. A Live Bookmark shows the current headlines on the RSS feed as individual clickable bookmarks that will take you to the web links for the headlines. These links are called Live because they get updated every time you start the Firefox web browser.

To set up the Live Bookmark in Firefox, click on the orange icon [Firefox RSS feed icon] you see in the address bar of the Firefox browser and select where you want the Live Bookmark to be; with the rest of your bookmarks, on your toolbar, etc. Firefox versions before 1.5 showed the orange icon in the bottom right corner of the Firefox browser window. Click on this icon then click on Subscribe to 'Chebucto News RSS'.

Another way to access our RSS feed is to use an RSS reader program such as the Open Source RSSOwl, which runs on Java so can be used with Windows systems, Macintosh or Linux. RSSOwl is free for download from RSSOwl shows all the features of the RSS news feed, not just the headlines, and can be used to access a number of different RSS news feeds at the same time.

RSSOwl comes already subscribed to a number of news feeds and allows users to add or remove RSS feeds easily. There is a tutorial that comes with the program but adding a new RSS feed is as simple as copying the address of the RSS news feed into the Address window of RSSOwl. You can drag and drop the RSS feed into the Favorites menu and have it there every time you open RSSOwl.


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