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500-Plus Batch Files for $5.00!


Yes, this is correct!

    500-plus DOS batch files for $5.00! I have had too many requests for individual batch files, so I have decided to offer them all in one package.

  I have opened my batch file collection to all.
  Included in the package are batch files to do:

    ... and more.

    Because these batch files are in their raw state and were written with my DR-DOS setup in mind, I have kept the price low. It essentially covers my effort to upload and send them to you. Although most of the examples shown at this website are included, understand that they too are in a state as written for my setup. Modifications will likely be required for you to run them.

    Those employing non-DOS systems must be made aware that many of my batch files use modern updates to DOS commands such as XSET and XXCOPY. These and some other regular DOS commands may not be on your systems. To use those files, modifications will be necessary or those updates will have to be obtained.

Potential users should realise that
no networking batch files are included.


    Send me an e-mail with a request for the batch files. Use Batch File Request in the subject line. Upon receiving it, I will send you an address after which, simply send $5.00 (Canadian or American funds) along with your return e-mail address, plus a city and country for my reference.


    When sending e-mails to me, be sure that:

  1. You turn off html. In the interest of reducing spam, html messages over a certain size will be rejected.

  2. Your e-mail address in the header is valid. I have received e-mails from persons whose return address is actually invalid!

  3. Your e-mail request does not require me to fill out a form for my name to be on an "approved" list. I don't have time to fill out #%*#! forms!. Pre-approve my e-mail address or don't bother sending the request!

  4. You use an ISO standard text and e-mail format. I have been receiving "malformed" e-mails that are unreadable. I have also gotten ones that have been blank or have used some proprietary Windows or other character set. Windows is not a standard!!! Set your e-mail programs to use ISO standards, please. I am using ISO 8859-1.

  5. Look in your Spam Folder if you do not see a reply from me. Apparently, some Windows update has resulted in my e-mails be redirected away from users' Inboxes.  )-:

    If you have done all the above and still do not see a reply from me, please resend your e-mail, and/or leave a voice message with your first and last name and a return phone number. (902) 463-7418. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

I can assure you that I answer all e-mails.
So to those that think I am snubbing you, it's
because of one of the above issues.


    Batch files will only be sent via e-mail. Please do not request that I use post. I just don't have time to deal with mailer boxes and a trip to the post office. You must include an e-mail address with the request. I have actually received money from people with no e-mail address attached to which to send the files.

    You will receive a .zip file containing the 500-plus files, including many of the examples shown at this website. (Realise that your e-mail address must be able to accept attachments containing DOS batch files.)

    Now in reality, you will receive over 1,000 batch files. However, I am only advertising 500 because many of them are similar, some of them are useful only if you have the softwares to which are being referred, and finally, some are only useful if you have the same setup as I. In this latter case, you may make use of the files if you employ the same setup, or you may simply modify the batch files to suit your setup. Given that there is work to do, I have kept the price low.

Be aware that Doctor DOS will not
be responsible for any problems resulting from the
use or mis-use of any of the batch files you receive.

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