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April 4, 2000 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2000


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Minutes of Last Meeting
  3. Leo's Report
  4. AGM / Nominations Committee
  5. Next Meeting
  6. New Business
  7. Adjournment

"In camera" status was discussed, and the question was raised regarding proper documentation of the status. Leo volunteered to contact Hugh regarding the proper legal procedure to document "in camera" minutes.

Executive Director's Report

Web Site - The new template is ready, looks good and will include a few new features that will be more user friendly for our members. The "Web Mail" link will now be included directly on the front page so users will not have to go searching for a way to check their mail when traveling abroad. Andrew will be making a few tweaks to the home page and then sending it out for overall approval. Leo may do a presentation of the new web page at the AGM. The Technical and IP Committees will be brought on board to make sure all relevant information is included. The "Word on the Street" event is projected to be the time and place for the launching of the new web page. The page will be a collaborative effort between the different Chebucto groups.

The architecture or design of the page is of concern as well. David Murdoch suggested that the Technical Committee volunteers be given the first opportunity to do any of the work on the page, and that Chebucto only hire outside for extra help if needed. David reminded the board that "", "" and "" are all reserved for our usage on the new web page.

Chebucto the Community Net
vs. Chebucto the CAP Site:

Leo mentioned that currently, Chebucto is both a community Net and a CAP site and the guidelines, rules, and support levels need to be clearly defined for each. Some of the skills, training and development are mutually exclusive, but others are not. CAP, for instance is a form of Community Net and the boundaries need to be defined. David mentioned that community development is the key element in both and ultimately, what we are striving for. Leo suggested that there may be a way for us to partner with and strengthen each other, giving Chebucto as a whole "added value". The object of increasing Chebucto's perceived value is the main objective.

David suggested that we take a survey to find out exactly what our members consider to be the most valuable aspects of Chebucto, and suggested that we arrange to get an organized group to spearhead the survey. This survey may take awhile to implement, so Sharon volunteered to help set up a mall interim survey to give us a few answers while we are organizing the larger survey.

Leo announced that the Membership Packages are ready to be printed. The numbers to be printed will be kept small as we may have a few new board members in a few weeks after the AGM.

AGM / Nominations Committee

The AGM will be held on April the 25th between 6:30 and 9:00 pm in the Theater Auditorium, in the Computer Science Building. The guest speaker will be Mark Rushton who will be speaking on his recent trip to Cuba and the Community Development in Cuba today. He will be discussing Technology and Internet access in Cuba and will be showing some slides as well.

At the AGM, volunteers will have a membership list at the door, so as to confirm members as they enter. All persons will be welcome indiscriminately but only those who are members will be able to vote on Chebucto issues. Memberships will be made available to purchase at the door. There will be a Chebucto banner set up in the lobby of the Computer Science building to welcome attendees and any Chebucto board members or volunteers are welcome to wear their Chebucto T-shirts.

Michael has sent out the email notification of the AGM along with a request for board member nominees and general volunteers. Another request will be sent out in the second AGM notification. Michael has so far received 15 responses to his email request.

The membership committee reported that they have confirmed several new members for the board. The following members have agreed to participate: Mike Nicholson, Grace Paterson, Sylvania Buttiegieg, Kelly Marney, and Mark Rushton.

The membership committee will meet before the AGM to determine who on the present board is finishing their term, who will be resigning and where vacancies need to be filled.

Office Report:

Renewals are up more than ever. Revenues are higher than projected. New accounts are almost non-existent. Over the last few months the new membership sign-ups have totaled 30, 33, and 40 respectively.

Awards at the AGM:

The Tech Committee will be giving out 3 awards to outstanding volunteers. Andrew suggested we also give Norman DeForest a small award as a token of appreciation for donating extraordinary time and effort toward Chebucto.

Next Meeting will be the AGM on April 25th. The following meeting will take place on May 16th.

Meeting Adjourned


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