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CCN Board Minutes
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April 8, 2010 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2010


  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Michael Marshall
  • Mary Rigby
  • Johnathan Thibodeau
  • Joe Thomas
  • Alan Turner
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Richard Connolly


  • Terry Dalton
  • Kent Murray

Minutes of last meeting

The meeting was called to order by Bernie at 6:40 pm.

The minutes of the Board Meeting of 11 March were approved as circulated. Moved by Alan. Seconded by Marilyn.


Committee Reports

Financial Report

Alan Turner, Treasurer, presented the Financial report. The revenue for March was $5945 compared to $7910 for March 2009. The expenses for March were $4088 compared to $11681 for March 2009. Andrew is the only employee and he is on half salary. The Eastlink lines are less that half the number we used early in 2009. The Bank balance on March 31 was 23650. Since then $10000 was placed in a 30 Day revolving certificate. Alan moved his report accepted as tabled. Jeff seconded the report. Carried.

Alan suggested that CCN reinstate Andrew to full salary. Andrew declined, but did state he would request the payroll firm deal with the $2500 bonus he was to receive in accordance with the minutes of the February Board Meeting. Marilyn requested that the Board table Alan's suggestion and revisit it as a motion in future.

Technical Report

Johnathan noted a filter which checks for and rejects SPAM before it is on CCN has greatly reduced the amount of mail that goes into junk mail and allows the mail programme to work much more efficiently

All the equipment needed for Gerard Hall and the initial wifi installation for Joe Howe Manor is in house. The equipment installation on Gerard Hall will be done when the university gives the okay.

Meanwhile Johnathan and Andrew will upgrade their safety certification in April and Andrew will apply for the insurance CCN should hold before further rooftop or exterior wall installations are undertaken. A copy of the insurance policy will be attached to the Metro Housing Authority lease required for installation of equipment. There is no cost associated with to this lease but it is a legal requirement.

Our meeting with the Joe Howe Manor residents was in September. We have distributed two letters to those people who attended the meeting; one in November and one in February, and forwarded followup letters to the Metro Housing Authority in both cases. However, as Marilyn noted, if activity is put off much longer CCN's credibility will suffer.

Johnathan presented a quote form for equipment that would replace the ageing mail server. The total purchase price for the four items, processor mother board video card and bracket was $951.46.

Alan moved that CCN purchase the equipment as itemized for $951.46. Michael Seconded the motion. Carried.


Wiki potential utilization

After a discussion lead by Jeff's suggestion that the development of a Wiki using Confluence software could enhance CCN capability to act as a moderated discussion and clearing house for information and activity on topics such as fibre to the home, the Board decided such an installation might be useful. Jeff been able to the secure the equipment and the software as well as arrange for the the licensing for a year. CCN facilities are very cramped making installation on site very difficult. However, Jeff confirmed installation need not be on site.

Jeff moved to set up Wiki and operate it with Confluence software off site with fibre to the home being to focus for a moderated discussion. Michael seconded the motion. Carried.



Bernie attended the recent Halifax Regional Community Access Program meeting at Veith House. This was the first meeting held since the decision to make substantial cuts to the funding was reversed. Over a dozen active members in the metro area were present and everyone was relieved to know funding was intact for at least this fiscal year.


Library Town Halls

Michael secured three Library site for Town Hall Meetings and these will be advertised in the forthcoming bimonthly Library Bulletin:

  • Woodlawn Library Tuesday May 18
  • Alderney Landing Library Wednesday May 26
  • Bedford Library Wednesday June 9
The programme times are 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Board members were asked to assist in publizing these events.

Marilyn hopes the Chronicle Herald might publish her op-ed piece around the time of the first date.

Mike will try to get an appointment with Mrs Brown in the administrative office of the Library system in order to set up additional Town Hall programmes installation in the Fall.


Annual General Meeting and Board Election

Two members have accepted to stand for election: Dan Robichaud and Deborah Dostal. One Board position will be vacant if no one else steps forward.

The audited accounts will not be ready for the AGM, however Alan will review his 2009 end of year report it will serve as the Financial Report for that evening. The audited report will be done in time for the June report to CRA and will be placed on the website when it becomes available.

The AGM will held Thursday evening April 29. Room 1009 on the ground floor of the Rowe Building across the street from the Student Union Building, at the corner of Seymour and University Avenue, Dalhousie campus.

The presentation at the AGM will be a mini Town Hall and Andrew and Michael will handle it.


Next meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be decided after the AGM as Thursday evening may be in conflict the availability of new Board members.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.





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