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CCN Board Minutes
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August 27, 2002 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2002


  • Mark Alberstat
  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Gerard MacNeil
  • Bill Matheson
  • Mark Rushton
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Chris Watt


  • Ed Dyer
  • Reg Hody
  • John McKay
  • Andrew D. Wright

Call to Order

Called to order by Marilyn MacDonald

Minutes of August 6, 2002 Meeting

Moved by Bernie, Seconded by Gerard. Carried.

Inner City Initiative

It appears that funding has been approved by HRDC for the Inner City Initiative.

Hope Cottage

Gerard met with representatives of Halifax Inner City Initiative and Hope Cottage. It appears that there is an opportunity for Chebucto to assist Hope Cottage in establishing a learning site.

Relations with libraries

It appears that Chebucto has been remiss in maintaining solid contacts with public libraries in the Halifax area. Marilyn will be meeting with representatives of Halifax Regional Libraries to discuss future cooperation.

Montréal Conference

Chebucto was noted as a participant in a conference in Montréal, but no members of the CCN board are aware of any official participation in this conference. Bernie is looking into this.

Wireless Update

Equipment has been identified, but has not yet been ordered. The hardware is still expected to be in place in time for Word On The Street. Chris volunteered to assist with installation.


Committee Reports

Finance Committee

Bernie Hart submitted a report on Chebucto's current financial situation. Chebucto is very close to its target levels for both expenses and income.

Chebucto is negotiating with a Math/Stats faculty member to act as a Chebucto sponsor.

Chebucto is signing a new merchant account agreement for credit card transactions. The new agreement includes lower operating costs and direct deposits to the Credit Union Atlantic bank account.

Technical Committee

Dal's planned renovation of the Chase machine room has not yet gone ahead, and it is unclear what if any schedule has been planned.

Policy Committee

Nothing to report.

External Committee

An External committee meeting is planned for the near future. The Halifax Herald is considering a regular column on technology and computing issues, submitted by and credited to CCN. It will be formalized if the Herald likes some sample submissions.

Internal Committee

Mark Rushton is stepping down as chair of the Internal committee.

Mark Rushton moved to nominate Mark Alberstat for the position of chair of the Internal Committee. Seconded by Bill Matheson. Motion carried.


Other Business

Adjournment. Moved by Gerard McNeil. So Declared.

Next meeting September 17, 2002.





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