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August 28, 2001 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2001


  • Ed Dyer
  • Tom Fullerton
  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Grace Paterson
  • Mark Rushton
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • John McKay
  • Chris Watt
  • Viola Winstanley

Minutes of August 7th, 2001 Meeting

It was moved by Ed Dyer seconded by Andrew Wright that the Minutes be approved as amended but that they will not be posted until the new User Agreement is online. Passed.

Security of the Board List

Jeff suggested using a public domain program which would enable encryption. There was also discussion of: a root password approach; having each person create their own list in their address book; use of an outside mail list. It was moved by Grace seconded by Mark that this matter be referred to the Technical Committee. Passed.

Ed compiled a list of mail programs to determine the scope of the shift to PGP.

Marilyn suggested that in the meantime we monitor the results of changing the root password. This in fact may solve the problem.

Board Membership

Marilyn pointed out that we now have one Board vacancy and may be having two. Bernie reported that he had contacted Tracey Jones but had not as yet had a reply. He would continue to pursue this. Andrew suggested Bill Matheson would be a good prospect. It was agreed Bill would be asked if Tracey does not wish to serve. Mark asked about the process of making new Board appointments. He suggested there needs to be an opportunity to have a preliminary examination of qualifications.

IP List and Fee Structure

The Board expressed gratitude for the information compilation which Andrew had done with respect to the list of organizations. Andrew suggested we review the status of all sites. Andrew indicated organizations now provide 6% of our revenue. Marilyn suggested we deal with this matter in depth during our upcoming visioning session. Ed added that we need to make clear what our goals with respect to organizations are and then develop our policies based on this. Jeff recommended the membership at large be involved in this discussion. Tom added that it would be useful if we had a sample price list and corresponding service offering.

CCN Revitalization

Following a discussion of the need for a marketing program. Marilyn indicated she, Andrew and John McKay would work on this. Bernie suggested we re-examine the feasibility of reapplying for an OLT grant Ed pointed out that the timing was not appropriate and that what was needed was to:
  • Get the Internet Service provider function in a better position.
  • Revitalize our training programs.
  • Reform our support and services for groups and organizations.

Andrew introduced the notion of developing a sponsorship program which could cover the costs of people on low income who could not afford to shift to a PPP account. It was moved by Andrew seconded by Mark that we investigate the possibility of instituting a sponsorship program to provide funding to cover the costs of PPP accounts of low income people. Passed

Mark asked about the arrangements required to institute on-line discussion forums. Jeff pointed out if we want to implement discussion groups on a wide basis new software would be required. Mark asked that this matter be referred to the Tech Committee for recommendations.

Web Hosting Fees

Jeff reported he was not ready to report on this topic.

Committee Reports


Jeff indicated he is not yet able to provide a written report. He indicated we are well ahead the current cash flow will result in a surplus this year. Jeff said he was not clear as to whether a refund from Rev Can is legitimately ours. He added that the main account funds will be used to purchase a GIC.


Marilyn reported the Committee met on Aug 15th to deal with Word On The Street. A overall plan is now in place and the physical needs have been identified. At this point the key problem has to do with connectivity.


Andrew reported that the changes in the User Agreement have been posted for five days and to date there have been no responses.


Ed reported we are running short of space on the hard drive. While the solution is to purchase a larger drive as a short term solution they are purging old accounts to clear space.

There is still a block of users who are not getting renewal notices of Doug McCann's projections for this period of the year there are about 120 accounts initiated since 1999 which are not receiving the notices. Although these members will get one free year they will now be placed on the renewal pattern. The alternative which was not agreed to would be to do a mechanical mailing to this group.

The question was raised concerning the running of a web server on a PPP line. Ed indicated that technically we can block this. He pointed out it is important the Board knows this is an issue and it may come up again.

Other Business

Mark asked if he is still Chair of the Volunteer Committee. Marilyn indicated he was. Mark suggested he will have more time to devote to this after Sept 10th when he would be willing to assume the Chairmanship of the Internal Committee.

The meeting adjourned.


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