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August 7, 2001 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
August 7, 2001


  • Ed Dyer
  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Andrew D. Wright

Absent with notice:

  • Tom Fullerton
  • John McKay
  • Grace Paterson
  • Mark Rushton
  • Viola Winstanley


  • Chris Watt


  • Johnathan Thibodeau

Minutes of July 17th, 2001 Meeting

The minutes of the July 17th meeting were approved as amended. It was agreed that Agenda Item #5 would not be included in the Minutes to be posted but would be included in the set held by the Secretary.

Security of the Board List

In view of the fact that Grace Paterson was absent the Chair requested we postpone discussion of this item until the next meeting. Jeff Warnica, who is working on this issue with Grace, suggested we explore the use of free encryption software as a means of dealing with the security of the Board list. Marilyn asked if this could be part of the discussion at the next meeting. It was agreed to postpone this item.

Board Membership

Marilyn reviewed the membership situation. Jamie Carroll has moved to Ottawa; it is possible Chris Watt will be moving as well. Marilyn asked that Bernie speak to Tracey Jones as to whether she would be willing to serve.

Virus Management

Ed and Andrew reviewed the situation for the Board. They pointed out that Code Red and Code Red "c" or "2" are the most active at present. At least 5,000 Hits Per Day have been initiated by these. CCN is not particularly vulnerable except for the load placed on the system. Ed pointed out there are many others - SIRCAM and SNOW WHITE are particularly dangerous - SC could have brought our system down. Filters are used to prevent the virus getting into email boxes. The Board expressed a vote of thanks to Ed and Johnathan for the excellent work they have done in addressing this problem.

Ed expressed a concern with respect to the use of filters. He pointed out that once we attempt to control content we are no longer deemed to be a common carrier. Ed asked whether we should be paying for a virus scanning service. It was generally concluded the cost would be prohibitive. It was agreed we would do minimal filtering on an ongoing basis and respond to problems as they occur.

User and Neighborhood Account Agreement

Andrew circulated proposed changes to the Neighborhood Account Agreement. These were approved by the Board. It was agreed a notice of the change would be posted on the "News of the Day" page.

There was also a discussion of a "virtual domain" issue. An organization is using a referral arrangement from CCN to a web page on another service to avoid paying the $100 charge.

It was agreed Marilyn would write the organization requesting cooperation and encouraging them to support Chebucto. Andrew will assist in providing details concerning this situation.

Web Hosting Fees

Following a brief discussion Jeff agreed to raise his proposed strategy with the Executive and Andrew. Following this he would bring his recommendation to the Board.

Financial Accounting Arrangements

Marilyn reviewed the steps she has taken in cooperation with Andrew and Jeff in attempting to reconstruct CCN's financial records. Jeff reported that all transactions are now recorded within an appropriate accounting package.

Following a discussion of a workable arrangement which Andrew and Jeff could use to keep each other informed of the financial items received by the office it was agreed Andrew will email Jeff indicating that an item has arrived, this item will be filed by Andrew, when Jeff has reviewed the item he will signify this by signing the item. It was agreed the Executive plus Andrew will review the existing files to determine the next steps required.

Word on the Street

Marilyn reported that the next meeting of the External Committee scheduled for August 15th would deal in depth with this item.

Committee Reports


Jeff reported he had purchased the GICs as instructed at a rate of 3.75%. It was recommended that Jeff make use of Doug McCann's document, which provides the monthly breakdown of anticipated revenue. Use of this information will give a better sense of how CCN is doing at any point in the year.


Ed indicated there had been a series of list storms over the weekend. These cases have been resolved. Michael Smith managed to stop much of this and it now appears to be under control. One item to be looked at would be to examine what filters could be added to majordomo to alleviate this problem.

Ed reported he is still waiting for the new switch.

Andrew asked about the new server. He indicated it had been discussed at the last Tech meeting - the discussion centred on the use of the new equipment.

Andrew raised the issue of Domain Names. He suggested the Board acquire all of the possible names so that they could be used when appropriate. These included: (already in use but might be acquired for at a cost)

It was moved by Bernie Hart and seconded by John McKay that Chebucto acquire all of the Chebucto name extensions for the use of CCN and further that Andrew be compensated for the expense he incurred in obtaining the first extension. Carried

Andrew raised the issue of the renewal of the "Secure Mail Certificate" for the Provincial Server. It was moved by Ed Dyer and seconded by Jeff Warnica that Chebucto pay for the renewal at an approximate cost of $150. Carried.

Other Business

Andrew reported that the Weather Channel is willing to provide free ad space for the use of images from our Web Cam. It was moved by John McKay seconded by Jeff Warnica that CCN enter into an agreement with the Weather Channel for the use of the CCN Web Cam images on their Channel.

John McKay reported he would have information on in-kind support from Sobeys in the near future. He added that his daughter has contact with the Canada-online project and she is willing to prepare an outline for a business plan, which CCN will be able to use for a possible partnership with this program.

The meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be on August 28th.


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