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December 10, 2002 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 10, 2002


  • Mark Alberstat
  • Ed Dyer
  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Gerard MacNeil
  • Bill Matheson
  • John McKay
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Chris Watt
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Mark Rushton


  • Reg Hody


  • Alison Jenkins Representing MISA.

Call to Order

Called to order by Marilyn MacDonald

Minutes of November 19, 2002 Meeting

Moved by John McKay, seconded by Bernie Hart that the Secretary review the past records and bring forward a recommendation for approval online. Motion carried.

Community Partnerships

Marilyn MacDonald introduced Alison Jenkins representing MISA. The Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Association acts to help immigrants to Canada become part of society. Offers employment counseling, settlement services, ESL enrollment, "New Beginnings" program consists of three workshops dealing with job searching skills, interview skills and working in Canada. Workshops are scheduled frequently (typically every two months) with about 20 people per workshop. Typical waiting lists are two to three months long.

MISA has a work placement program for immigrants to get experience doing volunteer work. Typically this involves a six-week work term to obtain a local reference. About 80% of participants are employed in their field within months after work placement. Almost half are employed by the host employer at which they did their work term. MISA also has a mentoring program for technical language skills etc. As a non-profit organization Chebucto may benefit from term placements.

The IOP (Immigrant entrepreneur Orientation Program) is a related program to which Chebucto may be able to contribute.

MISA has an open house on Thursday December 12, from 3pm to 6pm. 2131 Gottingen Street (MacDonald building).

Technical Assistant position, winter work term

Marilyn MacDonald reported on the discussions of the Executive committee regarding the Memorandum of Understanding established between Chebucto and the technical assistant.

Ed Dyer submitted a revised document recommenced for the winter work term. It was suggested that the Executive committee should meet to discuss and outline specific projects.

Under paragraph 3, Marilyn MacDonald suggests that under "reporting" should include an outline of work completed (the co-op program requires the student to submit a report on the work experience). The final suggested revision is: "The report shall indicate the amount of time devoted to each project area and an outline of the work completed."

Suggested by Jeff Warnica that it should be explicitly stated that the Executive has direct authority over the technical assistant. This has previously been ruled out by the Executive committee, in favor of a clear chain of command.

Moved by Bernie Hart, seconded by Chris Watt that we accept the memorandum of understanding as amended and make a formal offer to Johnathan Thibodeau. One abstention, one contrary, motion carried.

Inner City Update

The Inner City Initiative management committee is now meeting. Recently the ICI management committee made a presentation to representatives of other organizations active in the Inner City area.

Applications are currently being accepted for the position of Community Facilitator from the Inner City area. Interest has also been expressed in opening a learning lab in Uniacke square. Money for related equipment is now available.

Andrew will distribute Chebucto's presentation materials on the Board mailing list.

Board meeting schedule - 2003

The proposed board meeting schedule for 2003 would consist of meetings held January 7, February 4, March 4, April 8 (AGM), May 6, June 3, July 8, August 5, September 2, October 7, November 4, and December 2.

It is generally agreed that this schedule will be adhered to barring the need for additional meetings.

Draft budget - 2003

Bernie Hart submitted a first draft of the proposed budget for 2003. Due to a drop in text membership, projected income from accounts has been revised downwards.

It was suggested that budgeted quantities for POTS PPP lines and 56K lines could be reduced (the former is being phased out, the latter was based on a 2002 projection which included the purchase and installation of lines and equipment).

Suggested by Ed Dyer that monies should be allocated for development of a possible Chebucto wireless service.

John McKay congratulated Bernie Hart on behalf of the Board for his work.


Committee Reports

Technical Committee

The 56K system is up and running. A small number of users are currently involved in testing the service. A new version of the Spam Assassin software has been installed for mail filtering. Concerns were raised over the speed with which necessary whitelist updates are made in the spam filter.

Finance Committee

Bernie Hart submitted a financial report. (n.b. First instance of "August 31" should be replaced by "November 30"). The superfluous Royal Bank merchant account will be closed out in the near future.

Additional information is available from Bernie.

Policy Committee

A Chebucto Plus account was suspended due to apparently willful distribution of an email worm. The Policy committee will be discussing the manner in which accounts and services relating to the Inner City Initiative will be handled.

External Committee

The External committee has completed a mailout to parties who indicated at Word On The Street that they were interested. Work on the 2003 AGM will begin at the next External committee meeting in January.

Mark Alberstat has received feedback on the proposed Herald Column.

Internal Committee

The Internal committee is discussing possible upcoming events.


Other Business

From John McKay
  1. The board should consider planning for the Chebucto annual audit. Bernie indicated that Johanne DesRosiers would be requested to audit the Chebucto accounts and prepare the year-end statement.
  2. Nominations are required to fill upcoming Board vacancies.

From Andrew Wright

  1. The Halifax Regional CAP association has been moving its web sites to a server in Alberta.
  2. Chebucto "policy by default" has been that nothing is ever removed from our server. It may be desirable to establish a policy on eliminating stale content and defunct mailing lists.


Moved by Ed Dyer, so declared.

Next meeting January 7, 2003.





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