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December 11, 2001 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2001


  • Ed Dyer
  • Bernie Hart
  • Reg Hody
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Bill Matheson
  • John McKay
  • Grace Paterson
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Chris Watt
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Mark Rushton

Minutes of November 20, 2001 Meeting

It was moved by Reg Hody and seconded by Chris Watt that the minutes of Nov 20th be approved as amended. Carried.

Board Membership

Marilyn reported that Linda Carvery is still interested in joining the Board and is planning to attend. Other names suggested were Mark Alberstat who is a Library Board member and a long time Chebucto user and John Nowlan, a former CBC Producer.

It was agreed that if Linda decides not to join, Marilyn will approach one of the two identified.

Inner City Project

Copies of the final project outline were distributed and Bernie reported the request for funding would go before the Review Committee on Dec 20th. Marilyn asked that a copy be sent to Jamie Carroll as he is interested in supporting the project in any way possible.

Marilyn reported that the GPI group who had at one time been Chebucto members were now using another service. It was agreed this did not demonstrate a serious interest in cooperation. Bernie agreed to raise this issue with the representatives.

Office Manager's Contract

Andrew Wright withdrew for this item. It was moved by Ed Dyer seconded by Chris Watt that the Board go in camera for this discussion. Carried. Following the consideration of this item it was moved by Ed Dyer and seconded by Chris Watt that the Board conclude the in camera session. Carried.

Two motions were reported from the in camera session.

  1. It was moved by Bernie Hart and seconded by Chris Watt that the Office Manager Employment Contract as amended in the in camera session be the basis for the new contract with the Office Manager. Carried.
  2. It was moved by John McKay seconded by Chris Watt that Andrew Wright be offered the position of Office Manager for the year 2001. Carried.

The second motion was accompanied by a round of applause as Andrew returned to the room.

Committee Reports


Ed reported the Committee has now completed the second stage of disk replacement. They are attempting again to run the new mail distribution program. However, it was discovered aliases were not working.

The Committee is looking at the possibility of obtaining used servers but the timing has been bad. Alternatively they have considered building a server which would mean setting up two servers. There is also the issue of the three older servers purchased for CSuite use.

The Committee's proposal is to spend approximately $5300 to make the necessary changes. Bernie raised the issue of the funds being requested in the Inner City Project for a new secure server being put toward this. It was moved by Jeff Warnica and seconded by Ed Dyer that funding be made available to upgrade the existing servers as well as for the purchase of two new servers with the technical requirements being left up to the Committee. Passed.

Ed indicated this arrangement could be in place and operational by early January.

The question about the 56K transition was raised. It was agreed to implement the motion of the last meeting dealing with the notice to members. There was general agreement that the letter should state clearly what one will derive from the transition and what it will cost. There was also discussion about possible economies of scale. However, this issue was not clear - it was suggested there might be some reductions in cost beyond 500 new users. Chris agreed to do a first draft of the letter and John will vet before sending it to the Board List for final approval.


Jeff distributed a Finance Statement. Following review by members Jeff pointed out that the surplus for the year would be approximately $10,000 as opposed to the $600 estimated.

There was a question about refunds of dues. It was confirmed that while there have been a few exceptions CCN does not make a practice of refunding memberships and this is only done with the approval of the Board.


Andrew reported he is still dealing with virus issues. Chris suggested that for a recurring cost of $400 we can get a virus scanner to cover incoming and outgoing situations. However, this would require a dedicated server. Andrew indicated it is time to revisit the spam issue. Marilyn agreed to put this on a future agenda.


Marilyn pointed out that the last Visioning Session had been in effect an External meeting in which all of the Board participated. Marilyn reported that one of the outcomes will be a presentation she will be making to a Rotary Club. It had been agreed this session and the materials used could be a template for other such initiatives. John McKay raised the issue of advertisine in small newspapers. He also suggested we should be using Journalism students through Steve Kimber.

Another outcome of the Visioning Session was the plan to meet with Chris Curtis of Open for Business to discuss the possibilities of using the .biz domain with the young entrepreneurs who go through his program.


Mark was not present to report.

Other Business

Marilyn suggested we have to begin our planning for the AGM. John recommended we use the Legion on Cornwallis St. for the location. He indicated he will also look into getting the CBC Radio Room. Chris offered to provide a Data Projector.

The meeting adjourned.


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