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CCN Board Minutes
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July 9, 2009 Board Minutes

Serving Your Community's Online Needs Since 1994.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
July 9, 2009


  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Michael Marshall
  • Mary Rigby
  • Johnathan Thibodeau
  • Joe Thomas
  • Alan Turner
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Richard Connolly
  • Kent Murray

Minutes of last meeting

The meeting was called to order by Bernie at 6:35 pm.

The minutes of the 11 June Board Meeting were approved as circulated. Moved by Alan, seconded by Marilyn.


Committee Reports

Financial Report

Alan Turner, Treasurer, presented the financial statement for the month of June 2009.

The revenue for June was $6712. Individual memberships were responsible for all but $1000 of the total. The revenue for this year to date is $45901. This is slightly less than that at the end of June 2008 when the revenue to date was $46393.

June expenses were $5743. This reflects both the lower payroll costs, as Andrew is paid on a half time basis, and the reduced cost of line charges which has been in effect for a few months. The year to date expenses stand at $50346.

Alan noted the revenue is above the amount predicted in the budget. The year to date expenses appear significantly higher than the revenue, but CCN has no outstanding bills and routine costs of operation for the remainder of the year are assumed to less than those of last year.

Alan moved his report be accepted. Seconded by Marilyn.

Technical Report

A new version of the webmail software has been installed and is running smoothly. Older browsers may encounter problems, but none of the new versions support the very old browsers.

The hard drives of two servers were replaced with refurnished units.

A new network switch and batteries cost about $1000. Johnathan will provide Joe with the information on the items needed so a application for can be made to Emera in their next run of funding in September.


Fenwick Tower

Templeton Properties plans to move their main office to the ground floor of Fenwick which means they will require network access there. It may be feasible for CCN to provide that to them as part of an arrangement which allows CCN to maintain the present equipment on the roof of Fenwick. Andrew will discuss this possibility with the Dalhousie staff member on Friday. He may be able to talk to Templeton staff on Monday. Senior members of the Templeton are very busy and it is difficult to make arrangements to meet with them but Andrew will try and set up up a meeting time so that Bernie can attend a meeting at Fenwick with him.

After a discussion about working arrangements, the contents of written agreement or contracts between Templeton and CCN it was decided that Andrew, Jeff would correspond on this topic via email and other Board members could join in as they wished. The consensus of the Board was that if there is to be any long-term working relationship will be necessary to have a legally recognized contractual arrangement between Templeton and CCN


Joe Howe Manor

It has proven difficult to get in contact with senior staff at the Metro Housing Authority. Bernie will contact Bill Matheson with the hope that Bill might assist CCN in getting this initial senior residents programme underway.

The project could be handled without the present facility on Fenwick Tower, but time and staff energy would have to be devoted to the development of other arrangements. For now it is assumed that Fenwick will remain available and functioning.


Corner Store Initiative

Richard was unable to be at this Board meeting. He is unable to devote any specific time to further development of this project, but would happily work on a training session for others. No members have offered to work to this project. So far no new members have been solicitated through the stores displaying the information.


Serving Seniors Alliance (SSA)

CCN is on the banner of the Association, and brochures and Andrew's card are on the display tables whenever the SSA has a booth. The most significant opportunity may be the SSA 's own programme in October. It is a one day event which will be held in the Dartmouth Holiday Inn.


Website contents

CCN has never had a policy for Website contents. However, as the website is the "face" of CCN as whole it would be beneficial of have a policy statement in place for ourselves, users and other viewers. Bernie and Marilyn will work on a draft policy statement.


CCN's 15th Anniversary

Bernie, Andrew and others will work on arrangements for a "hotdog" barbecue in celebration of CCN's 15th year of operation. Hopefully we will to be able to hold it at the Parade Ground area in front of City Hall.


Town Hall Meeting - Future of the Internet

Bernie circulated the summary Joy Woolfrey prepared from teleconference focused on the possibility of CCN being involved in hosting a Town Hall type meeting on the future of the internet. Joy, Bernie, Mike and Jeff had a discussion with 2 CCPA staff (Marita Moll in Ottawa and Christine Saunier in Halifax) and Steve Andersen in Vancouver, who is a member of Savournet. Mike and Jeff will explore the feasibility of CCN's involvement in such a meeting further and report back.


Other business

The question of maintaining CCN as an active internet service provider is ever constant in the minds of Board members. The latter half of next month's (August) meeting will be devoted to this topic.


Next meeting

The next meeting will be Thursday August 13, 6:30 pm at the Chase Building.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.





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