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June 26, 2001 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
June 26, 2001


  • Ed Dyer
  • Tom Fullerton
  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • John McKay
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Chris Watt
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Jamie Carroll
  • Grace Paterson
  • Mark Rushton
  • Viola Winstanley

Minutes of Previous Meeting

It was moved by Chris Watt and seconded by Ed Dyer that the Minutes of the June 5th meeting be approved as amended. Passed.

Business Arising

Tom Fullerton reported he had not had an opportunity to address the phone message situation but would do so before the next meeting. B. Hart agreed to send the amended minutes for May 15th and June 5th to Andrew for posting. Andrew also reported that there were still minutes from the previous Board which had not yet been made available to him.


Status of Provincial Server

B. Hart reported he had been in contact with Gary Shearman, Chair of Telecommunities Canada, who indicated that there was not a formal agreement with respect to the Provincial Server but the funding was provided to CCN through TC for the Server with the anticipation it would be used to meet province-wide needs of all of the Community Nets.

B. Hart reported he would check with the Province (Technology and Science Secretariat) to determine whether there might be a grant to CCN for maintaining the Server and for providing specific services. He will report to the next meeting on this issue. He also agreed to speak to David Murdoch re his understanding of the Provincial Server arrangement and his present uses of this equipment.

There was also discussion about the possibility of exchanging the two servers so that CCN could get use from the higher grade equipment.

Chris Watt spoke about a server which he would be prepared to sell to CCN. He added that it would not include a monitor but would have a CD burner. It was agreed the CD burner would be useful to CCN. Ed indicated this unit would meet our needs for a Secure Server as well as for a web server.

It was agreed Chris would develop a proposal online to which Directors would respond. Ed pointed out that we have funding in our budget for a Server.

In-house training proposal

B. Hart reported he had met with Alan Brown and Steve Gallagher. Steve is working on the development of a Standard Training Materials project which will result in an online tutorial session on the Internet. Alan is now reviewing these materials with a view to preparing a modified version for his program. He and Bernie will also be meeting with Shelly Kwik-Mitchell, Dartmouth North Community Centre to discuss her training program. As soon as Alan feels confident, B. Hart will arrange for him to use the Training Lab at the Alderney Gate Library for CCN members or prospective members wishing to take his program.

CCN Revitalization

Marilyn suggested this item should be carried over to the next meeting as Mark Rushton was not able to be present. Marilyn added that she had attended a Forum on the Federal Task Force on Broadband Connectivity. She suggested the activity is important for CCN and she would like to encourage the NS Group involved in this work to use Chebucto as its host site - particularly for a discussion forum. Marilyn agreed to send the Board the URL for the Broadband Site.

There was a brief discussion of advertising opportunities available at the Macdonald Bridge. Andrew indicated we have a T-Shirt which could be used on the "advertising mannequin".

B. Hart raised the possibility of revisiting the request from Cole Harbour Radio to web-cast over CCN. Ed responded that this is one of the possibilities which Johnathan is looking into. It was suggested we should investigate the approach being used at CKDU. B. Hart offered to check with Mike Whitehead who is the School Board person associated with the Cole Harbour Station.

Inner City Project

Marilyn reported on a meeting she and Bernie had had with Gordon Michael who is working on an HRDC funded project aimed at improving the social and economic opportunities of people living in the North-Central Halifax area. Marilyn pointed out that one of the elements of the project is to investigate to what extent IT can be of assistance and she believes CCN can play a role here. She added that at this point it is difficult to determine what may come of this but it is clearly within the mandate of CCN. The Board endorsed the general direction the Executive is taking with the project.

CSuite Project

Marilyn reported on a telephone conference she, Ed and Bernie had had with Gary Shearman. She said she made it clear to Gary that CCN would not be continuing with the original Office of Learning Technologies funding application. The reasons for this were that the proposal as written was not sufficiently clear on the "deliverables" and further it would not have been possible for CCN to meet the in-kind funding requirements which were forecast.

There was general discussion about the merits of reworking the proposal for a CSuite 2.0. This led to the question of the ownership of CSuite. B. Hart indicated that to the best of his knowledge CSuite was owned by CCN but that a motion was passed by the Board which established the arrangement between the two organizations with respect to CSuite. He suggested, if at all possible, this motion should be consulted.

Following a discussion about the merits of continuing with the CSuite 2.0 approach versus a move to an Open Source package which we could adapt to our own needs, it was agreed that Ed, Chris and Andrew would prepare a report for the Board which would provide background to this issue and present the pros and cons of each approach. They agreed to report on their progress by July 17th.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee

Jeff distributed a statement of CCN funds. Chris pointed out that there should be additional GICs of $15,000.

It was recommended that Jeff make use of the reporting procedures developed by Doug McCann. This approach made use of projected revenues and expenditures as a gauge of our financial standing.

It was moved by Chris Watt and seconded by John McKay that Jeff transfer an additional $12,000 to GICs. Passed.

Technical Committee

Ed reported that the replacement switch is on order but has not yet arrived. Chris Watt raised the question of the use of a "wireless" network. He pointed out that is becoming more common as an alternative to cable.

Policy Committee

Andrew reported the By-law changes made at the AGM had been approved by the Registrar of Joint Stocks.

External Committee

Marilyn indicated the Committee had met on June 12th and the main topic was "Revitalization of CCN". Time was spent doing an analysis of our declining membership. The two directions being taken to address this issue are: a) Community Forums and Broader Membership Involvment and b) Membership training opportunities.

The Committee also discussed our involvement in Word On The Street. It was agreed that Johnathan would be asked to develop an activity to illustrate the dismantling and reassembling of a computer.

Andrew distributed copies of his mock-up for the ad to be placed on the back cover of an HRDC resource guide. This was approved by the Board with minor changes.

Following a discussion of the use of the TV Schedule Channel for a CCN ad, it was moved by B. Hart and seconded by Chris Watt that CCN arrange for a one month exposure and then evaluate the benefits. Passed.

Internal Committee

Marilyn reminded the Board that Chairs of the Internal Committees are still required. She expressed particular concern about not having anyone with responsibility for Membership. This was followed by a discussion about declining membership. Concerns were expressed about - faster modems, PPP performance and login problems.

The meeting adjourned.


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