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March 6, 2003 Board Minutes

Serving Your Community's Online Needs Since 1994.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2003


  • Mark Alberstat
  • Ed Dyer
  • Bernie Hart
  • Reg Hody
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Gerard MacNeil
  • John McKay
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Chris Watt
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Bill Matheson

Call to Order

Called to order by Marilyn MacDonald.

Inner City Update

David Adekayode has become familiar with the community and is beginning to do some work with recycled computers through the community churches.

Minutes of January 7, February 4 Meetings

Moved by Bernie Hart, seconded by Gerard MacNeil that the minutes be accepted as presented.
Motion carried.

Wireless action plan for Chebucto

It was suggested that Chebucto prepare a topographical map of the areas suitable for wireless networking. Various models for networking were discussed.

Moved by Andrew Wright that Chebucto ask Arved Sandstrom to look further into the possibility of wireless connectivity, and report back to the Board with a plan of action. Seconded by Chris Watt.
Motion Carried.

Summer Staffing

Johnathan will be moving into a new full-time academic term this summer and will have to cut back his hours with Chebucto. It has been suggested that Chebucto consider hiring a summer student to provide technical assistance at the office. If so, we will need to locate a source of funding for the summer student. The matter was referred to the Executive committee.

AGM Update

The Chebucto AGM will be held on April 10th. All current members of the Board with terms ending at the AGM have indicated that they will re-offer. Committee chairs are asked to submit their yearly reports to Andrew as soon as possible.

John Odenthal is scheduled to do a presentation on the Inner City Project.

An official announcement of the AGM will be sent out to users.

Proposal regarding Database fees

It is suggested that a test case be billed at $50 per year, with quotas to be determined later.

Moved by Jeff Warnica that we engage in this fee structure on an experimental basis. Seconded by Reg Hody. Motion carried.

It was suggested that in the future the Technical chair and the Office Manager should determine reasonable prices for services and bring forth proposals to the Board.


Committee Reports

Technical Committee

More carefully constructed spam is causing the mail filter to permit more spam, but changes to Spam Assassin and the mail configuration on halifax have reduced the overall amount of spam reaching our users.

A new version of IMP webmail has been installed.

Johnathan has been working on a new Chebucto Plus CD, which should be ready for production soon.

The number of users still having difficulties with connections to the new 56K service has been reduced, most ongoing connection problems are believed to lie with individual phone lines.

A firmware upgrade for the Ascend Max is set to occur early next week. This should reduce further the incidence of communications problems. Subsequent upgrades would require additional hardware to be installed in the Ascend unit and the purchase of a support contract from Lucent.

A pool of 33.6K lines had been setup for people experiencing serious connection problems on 56K service. This pool has now been reduced to two lines, which seems to be sufficient to support the demand.

Finance Committee

Bernie Hart submitted a finance report. Johanne DesRosiers expects to have our Annual Report finished by the end of March.

Organizational sign-ups are way up, as is income from Neighborhood accounts. Personal account sign-ups are down.

Policy Committee

Nothing to report.

External Committee

Marilyn has been in touch with a producer in Montréal who is working on a series of productions relating to technology in Canadian cities.

"The Mousepad" continues its success.

The actual promotional mouse pads have been printed.

It has been suggested that a special event should be planned for Chebucto's upcoming 9th anniversary. Thought should also be put into the planning of our 10th anniversary celebration next year.

Internal Committee

The letter being send out to organizations with old-style IP accounts has been edited and should be sent out starting early next week.


Other Business

John McKay asked about the status of a particular organizational mailing list. Andrew explained how the situation was being dealt with.


Moved by John McKay, so declared.

Next meeting AGM April 10. Next Board meeting May 1.





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