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May 12, 2005 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2005


  • Mark Alberstat
  • Bob Ashley
  • Dale Crory
  • Ed Dyer
  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Bill Matheson
  • John McKay
  • Alan Turner


  • Tanya Moxley
  • Tom Daly
  • Marni Tuttle

Marilyn welcomed the new members and invited them to feel free to participate fully and to seek clarification whenever necessary.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

John / Ed moved that the minutes of the March meeting be approved as circulated. CARRIED

Report of the Nominating Committee

John McKay, Chair of the Nominating Committee circulated a report which proposed the slate of officers for 2005: Chair- Marilyn MacDonald; Vice Chair- Ed Dyer; Secretary- Tanya Moxley; Treasurer- Bernie Hart.

Moved by John / Allan that the slate be approved as presented. CARRIED.

Marilyn pointed out that the slate was a return of last year's Executive. In past years, however, major turnovers of officers led to difficulties and a lack of consistency in operations. In the future we need to begin a gradual turn-over of perhaps one or two officers each year.

Wireless Project

John McKay explained that the Board has been exploring the possibilities of wireless service. The project has been in a holding pattern due to uncertainty on the part of the Board. There has been a pilot in an apartment block on South St. This system was installed by Andrew and Johnathan and there were no other costs involved. This service appears to be working well.

This may be an opportunity for Chebucto to attract new members at a very low cost. There are a lot of technology options available. John and Bernie have an application for a grant from HRM to cover some equipment and setup costs, but the availability of funding will depend on the area(s) chosen for the service. We might gain support from a supplier by becoming a demonstration user.

John is conferring with Garth Shearman of the Victoria Freenet concerning their use of Wi-Fi - they are considering Wi-Max as well. John has also been checking on a Wi-Fi project in Philadelphia. Seattle is also involved with this technology.

To install Wi-Fi equipment on Fenwick Towers we will have to identify all of the equipment required and have it approved by the other users of Fenwick.

Bernie asked whether ACORN might be able to offer assistance to CCN with respect to this project. Ed suggested they might be able to assist with our access to the dark fibre network in HRM.

Pilot Project South St

Andrew explained that the South St project can be expanded to include several properties on Morris St. At present there are thirty-two users. This present system is password protected and the transmission is encrypted. However, new equipment is needed to replace the old gear used during the test period. This project would involve linking the two transmitters together. Andrew pointed out the service would be revenue neutral as the work would be done by Johnathan and him. Bernie asked whether users might become members of Chebucto. Andrew pointed out there would be very little incentive but it was generally agreed this should be pursued.

Moved by Bill / Allan that we proceed with the expanded wireless service on Morris St. CARRIED.

Presentation on the "Rural Communities Impacting Policy" (RCIP) Project

Don Black attended to discuss CCN's possible involvement with RCIP. Information is available on Don's web site: Don, on behalf of Bluedoor, is working increasingly with second-tier organizations that work with primary groups. In this case, Bluedoor is working with RCIP and he feels that CCN has a role to play as well. A four year research project on rural communities in decline, and on community groups in those areas, is being conducted by RCIP, and executed by Dalhousie students.

This summer, a community development project will report on community grassroots development, create a database on community groups, and conduct a comparative analysis of community groups. Eventually, there will be two databases: (1) a private research database containing specific research project results, including software analysis of verbatim transcripts; and (2) a public contact database, which will pull together information currently only available in several places, in varying formats. In 2006, the contact database will become publicly available. Don suggested that it would be appropriate and mutually beneficial for it to be hosted on Chebucto Community Net.

No specific action at this time is required on the part of the Board or of CCN. The Chair thanked Don Black for coming to us with this information. As events develop, decisions will be made as appropriate on CCN's involvement with RCIP.


Committee Reports

Technical Committee

Ed Dyer provided updates on:

  • WiFi,
  • obtaining a UPS,
  • adopting v.92, a new 56K technology which would permit call waiting, faster dial-up and uploading,
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol).

There were no decisions required by the Board. Ed reported that Jonathan Thibodeau would like to work full-time for CCN over the summer, and return to part-time in the fall.

Moved by Ed / Mark that CCN hire Jonathan full-time over the summer (until the end of August) for 40 hours per week, at a rate of $12.25 per hour. CARRIED.

Finance Committee

In the absence of Bernie Hart, there was no report from the Finance Committee.

Policy Committee

Andrew estimated that it will take two weeks to update the Chebucto site with information on the new membership categories. Quarterly membership and WiFi pilot policies need to be developed. Moved by Ed / Bob that Andrew remain as web master. CARRIED.

External Committee

Marilyn reported that the committee was very busy in 2004 with CCN's 10th anniversary celebration. The committee arranged for ads in the Herald in January. The committee hasn't met yet this year. CCN will not participate in Word on the Street (WOTS) this year. Andrew suggested that we should promote our new membership categories, and hold a Chebucto social night for our members and friends.

Internal Committee

Bill Matheson reported that the committee has not yet met. The Internal Committee chair took notice of the suggestion that CCN should hold a social night. Alan Turner volunteered to join the committee.



John McKay moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Next Meeting

July 14th





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