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May 14, 2002 Board Minutes

Serving Your Community's Online Needs Since 1994.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
May 14, 2002


  • Mark Alberstat
  • Ed Dyer
  • Reg Hody
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Bill Matheson
  • John McKay
  • Chris Watt
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Bernie Hart
  • Gerard MacNeil
  • Mark Rushton
  • Jeff Warnica

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Andrew Wright to delete section of the minutes beginning with by-law amendments. Seconded by Mark Alberstat. Carried. Moved by Reg Hody to accept the minutes as amended, seconded by Andrew Wright. Passed with 2 abstentions.

Election of executive officers of the board

John McKay moved a slate of executives:

  • Marilyn Macdonald as chair
  • Ed Dyer as vice-chair
  • Bernie Hart as chief financial officer
  • Chris Watt as secretary.
Motion seconded by Reg Hody. Passed with one abstention.

Confirmation of the signing officers

Suggested by Marilyn Macdonald that for clarity a motion should explicitly remove ex-signing officers when adding new signing officers based on the current executive.

Suggested by Ed Dyer that it should be sufficient to specify clearly that the executive and only the executive should be signing officers.

Moved by John McKay that Marilyn Macdonald, Ed Dyer, Chris Watt and Bernie Hart should be the sole signing officers of the organization, and that any two of those four may act as signing authority for the Chebucto Community Net Society. Seconded by Mark Alberstat. Carried.

Staff matters

Due to changes in planned employment a budget surplus must be re- allocated. Moved by Chris watt that the surplus be allocated to payment for special projects and other issues that may arise subject to the will of the board. Seconded by Andrew Wright. Carried with one abstention.

Inner City update

The project as originally submitted has been approved by the HRDC action team. HRDC has expressed some concern over the scale of the project, and feel that the project would have a better chance of subsequent approval for funding if the project proposal were re-submitted as multiple one-year projects.

It was suggested that the project would be more effective with an increased number of community partnerships and additional funding from other agencies. It is expected that the revised proposal will be submitted in July or August of 2002. Discussion followed.

Report on policy implications re Secure Server

Report deferred to next board meeting.


Committee Reports

Finance Committee

Nothing to report.

Technical Committee

Technical personnel are currently involved in locating hardware needed for the 56K upgrade.

Chebucto Webmail has been updated to permit users to view their individual disk quotas. Spam and e-mail viruses continue to impact seriously upon overall system performance. Moved by Andrew Wright, to authorize an expenditure of up to $2000 for an experimental filtering mail server to address the spam and virus issues. Seconded by Ed Dyer. Carried. A consensus was reached that it would be desirable to take advantage of existing spam filtering services provided by Dalhousie.

Policy Committee

The policy committee has been dealing with numerous infections of user aftermath of the W32/Klez virus.

Virus protection for incoming and outgoing e-mail is clearly a priority and will be discussed further by the policy committee.

External Committee

The external committee has been active in preparation for Chebucto's participation in the Inner City initiative.

Various promotional exercises are under consideration including press releases, publicity for the membership referral advantage, more aggressive pursuit of service clubs, advertising through Metro Transit, and reinvigoration of the relationship between Chebucto and the metropolitan CAP sites.

Internal Committee

Nothing to report.


Other Business

The "Halifax Live" site has been re-established, but is no longer stealing the CCN webcam image. Pursuant to the earlier memo it was confirmed that an invoice will be sent to the proprietors of "Halifax Live" for their unauthorized use of CCN intellectual property.

The Halifax school board has cut off access to Hotmail and several similar services at halifax schools, which may present an opportunity for Chebucto to provide mail services.





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