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May 16, 2000 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2000


  • Sylvana Buttigieg
  • Leo Deveau
  • Bernie Hart
  • Joyline Makani
  • Kelly Marney
  • Doug McCann
  • David Murdoch
  • Krista Olmstead
  • Sharon Parker
  • Grace Paterson
  • Mark Rushton
  • Viola Winstanley
  • Andrew Wright


  • Mike Nicholson


  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
  3. Approval of last meeting's minutes.
  4. Selection of Officers
  5. Assigning Committee Chairs
  6. In camera
  7. Executive Director's Report
  8. Retreat for Strategic Planning
  9. Financial Report
  10. New Business
  11. Next Meeting

Meeting called to order at 6:38 pm.

David Murdoch welcomed all of the new members to the meeting and called round table introductions.

The previous week's minutes were not present to be adopted, so they will be reviewed at the next meeting.

It was agreed between Andrew Wright and Krista Olmstead to track down the previous year's missing minutes and submit them to the records.

David Murdoch related the status of the previous year's board members, and asked for nominations for the Chair of the Board.

Andrew Wright nominated Sharon Parker. Krista Olmstead seconded the nomination. No other nominations were received. Sharon Parker was appointed Chair of the Board.

(Sharon Parker Chaired the rest of the meeting.)

The next order of business was to fill the vacant Committee Chairs.

Sharon Parker Nominated Krista Olmstead for Communications Chair. Doug McCann seconded the motion. No other nominations were proposed. Krista Olmstead was appointed Communications Chair. Kelly Marney volunteered to assist on the Communications Committee.

Krista Olmstead and Andrew Wright volunteered to take care of the Secretary's duties. No other nominations were received. Krista Olmstead was appointed the official duties of Secretary, while Andrew was assigned with updating the web page with all pertinent documents.

Bernie Hart volunteered to remain External Relations Chair. Grace Paterson and Viola Winstanley volunteered to assist on the External Relations Committee.

Doug McCann volunteered to remain the Information Providers Chair, while Mark Rushton volunteered to assist on the Information Providers Committee.

Andrew Wright Volunteered to be Policy Chair. No other nominations were received. Andrew Wright was appointed Policy Chair.

David Murdoch volunteered to remain Technical Chair.

Joyline Makani volunteered to be the Finance Chair and Treasurer.

Sylvana Buttigieg volunteered to be the Membership Chair.

Mark Rushton volunteered to be the Volunteer Chair.

All Board Members were thus assigned to Committees.

It was announced that the Volunteer Resource Centre was holding a free course on May 23rd at Alderney Landing regarding staffing issues and it was suggested that any Chebucto Members who were interested, should try to attend. The class runs all day.

Minutes not recorded as meeting went "in camera".

Sharon Parker reported that account fees are in a downward trend.

Executive Director's Report

Leo Deveau prepared a binder to help Board Members get organized. It contains all relevant reports and documents associated with Chebucto, including a section for taking notes and keeping records.

Leo proposed that the Volunteer Chair and himself have a brainstorming session to come up with a good volunteer program to facilitate needs with requests and offers, plan orientation times, plan placements, create/assist in development of committees. The main objectives would be to determine the direction for the committees, establish priority projects, and formulate coherent strategic plans.

Financial Report:

Sharon Parker reported that Johanne DesRosiers was currently preparing the taxes for Chebucto. Due to the charitable status, the taxes do not have to be submitted until June 1st. Sharon also reported that Johanne DesRosiers will have a financial statement ready at the next board meeting, on June 6th.

Urban CAP Review

Leo Deveau reported that Chebucto is proud of the collaboration involved with Urban CAP, and is currently focused on how to implement the Urban CAP program, get information to organizations, and get reactions back from various communities. Leo reported that Bernie Hart has been actively involved in Urban CAP and encouraged Chebucto to determine what role Chebucto can play in creating a "Community Portal".

Applications are coming in for Rural applications. Chebucto sent in a letter supporting the Seniors Multiple Point Access program, with the desire to become the service provider, however, there is a possibility that Eastlink may be used instead. The proposal would work very effectively with Chebucto because it is predominantly set up for people who do not have personal computers. The goal is to establish a loyalty with these users, so they will stay with Chebucto when/if they do buy a computer.


Leo Deveau introduced VolNet to the new board members as a federal program connecting volunteer groups across Canada.


Currently in the planning stage for an upgrade. $25,000 dollars has been received from Office Learning Technologies to explore further development of CSuite. There is a potential to receive $300,000 over the next three years to develop the new upgrade.

Chebucto is hosting a dynamic Web site on Health Services with the Medical Informatics Program, Information and Communication Technology for Health. It will collect data, assists how to look at information and data, and provides community support and recognition.


There are two types of advertising being currently used. The first is in The Coast Magazine, which reaches a younger, hipper base, while, the second is in The Seniors Advocate, which reaches a group of users that have more basic communication needs.

Key into Work

Volunteers participated and successfully received interest from potential volunteers. The Chebucto booth was partnered with the CAP site booth, as a means of letting people know the two groups coordinate their efforts. Our own Vice Chair, David Murdoch, is currently the Coordinator of the HRM CAP Site.

50 Plus - Seniors Expo - July 14-15

Chebucto has a booth reserved to promote new business at this trade show.

Word on the Street - September 24th

Will be used again as a source of visibility for Chebucto, to generate new memberships, and announce and launch the new web page.

Tall Ships

It is proposed to have a Web Cam filming the event on a prime site during the festivities as a marketing tool for Chebucto. This will help introduce people to us and help promote the geography/history of Halifax.

IP's - Information Provider Data Base

Doug McCann reported that the Board approved an interim fee structure, and research must still be conducted to determine permanent rates. The goal is to determine what the office requires to manage accounts, and reconcile that with the capabilities of the technical department. This can be accomplished by heeding the philosophy that has been established while attempting to develop the new systems. By following an internal Marketing Process, the goals of all hope to be achieved.

There are new IP accounts coming in all the time. There needs to be IP support for large sites, and many sites need to be refreshed.

Dal students have created a mock-draft of the new web page. The main objective in creating the new web page was to make a more user-friendly page that is easier to navigate than the old page.

Office Report

Andrew Wright reported that Chebucto Plus renewals and new signups are down since the arrival of "free" internet services.

Bernie Hart suggested that we closely review the financial situation with Johanne's report at the next Board Meeting to determine where we stand. The decrease in account sign-ups and renewals may deplete our projected budget for the year. Sharon Parker promised to speak with Johanne and ask her to attend the next Board Meeting and give a comprehensive report.

Retreat for Strategic Planning - June 23-24

The next Strategic Retreat is planned for June 23-24 and will consist of a brainstorming session for all the board members. This retreat will try to provide a "road-map" for prioritizing the Board's goals over the next year. The objective will be to come up with creative solutions for the current aims while keeping in focus all relevant cost-effectiveness issues.

New Business

David Murdoch announced that we have received funding for two students to work for a summer term. The two positions would be:

Support Intern
Media Relations

It is currently proposed to have these students work out of the Chase building and to have a mentor train the students, and set up a program for them follow. Krista Olmstead will be involved in mentoring the Media Relations student along with possibly one other person. The needs are still being determined for the Support Intern mentoring.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, June 6th Seminar Room 1 - Computer Science Building

Meeting Adjourned: 8:31 pm


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