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November 15, 2007 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2007


  • Ed Dyer
  • Bernie Hart
  • John McKay
  • Kent Murray
  • Matthew Newton
  • Mary Rigby
  • Alan Turner
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Richard Connolly
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Jim MacLennan
  • Bill Matheson

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6.35 pm.

Minutes of the meeting held October 1l, 2007 were approved as corrected. Moved by Alan Turner, seconded by Kent Murray.


Committee Reports

Financial Report

Alan Turner gave the Financial Report. The revenue for October was $8457 giving a total for year to date of $90,323. In 2006 these figures were $9884 for the month of October and $106,719 for the year to date. The revenue for 2007 is approximately $16,000 below than of the end of October 2006.

Expenses for September were $13,431 which included two payments to Eastlink as no payment had been made in September. Total year to date expenses stand at $96,885. The total year to date expenses at the end of October 2006 were $108966. The year to date expenses at the end of October are approximately $12,000 less than those of 2006.

The bank balance is approximately $6000. A reimbursement is still to come from Aliant, as Chebucto was charged for services up to August although the cut off cut date was May 15th. The service charge averaged about $350 monthly, so the reimbursement should be in the order of $1500. Thus only about $800 credit as has been transferred through Dalhousie's account. Alan moved his report be accepted, seconded by Kent Murray.

Technical Report

Ed Dyer gave the Technical Report. Power outages related to Hurricane Noel and post storm winds caused minor problems. A software update appears to be the root problem, the update status varied from server to server and did not function properly. This should be resolved within a few days so the situation will not arise next time outages occur.

A couple of reports concerning corrupted email address files have come in within the last day. This suggests a hardware failure and the situation will be checked into immediately. The equipment in use is getting old but replacements are available from inventory.

The wifi project has been plagued with minor problems. All of them are solvable, but they continue to take up much of Johnathan's time. The UPS at Fenwick has been replaced as the initial one was unable to cope with power outages and failed to reboot automatically.

Testing and final installation in the first two nodes should be completed within the next month. The time for contacting city councillors followed by announcements and publicity would be January, hopefully early January. However, once the initial two nodes are functioning a door to door information drop in the local area, Morris, Queen, and Clyde Streets etc should be useful.

Andrew noted that once the wifi is in operation Windows Updates will be included with the Chebucto Wireless free service.

Ken McCracken of the Toronto FreeNet told Andrew that they are very interested in Chebucto's wireless project. This comment joins the positive responses regarding this initiative from Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa and Montreal. He suggested a source of funding might be the New Horizons project, which is under the auspices of the Seniors Secretariat. He gave Andrew the URL and Bernie has looked at it and believes that the wifi project would fit into their funding criteria.


Volunteer Workshop

Bernie is enrolled in the volunteer workshop for HRM being held during the last weekend in November. He hopes to be able to use it as a venue to inform people about the wifi project.



Andrew did not receive any response from the Daily News since forwarding the first copy of the Mousepad to them last week. This text should appear in this coming weekend's edition of the Bedford, Sackville, Halifax-West/Clayton Park, and Eastern Passage community newspapers which are printed by the Daily News. The text should also be available online through the web pages of each of these weekly newspapers.


Other Business

John McKay moved that the Board record a vote of thanks to both Marilyn and Andrew. The presence of the Mousepad in the weekly community newspapers is a result of their dedication and hard work. All members present were in complete agreement with John and voiced a sincere thank you to both Marilyn and Andrew.


Next Board Meeting

Next Meeting: Bernie suggested the next meeting be held Thursday, December 13 6:30 pm in the Common Room of Admiralty Place, the condominium on Alderney Drive opposite the old Dartmouth city hall. Members are invited to a social hour immediately after the formal meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:20 pm.





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