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November 20, 2001 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2001


  • Ed Dyer
  • Bernie Hart
  • Reg Hody
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Bill Matheson
  • John McKay
  • Grace Paterson
  • Mark Rushton
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Chris Watt
  • Andrew D. Wright

Minutes of October 30, 2001 Meeting

It was moved by Grace and seconded by Chris the minutes be approved as amended. Carried.

A concern was raised about sensitive material being included in the minutes which are posted. It was agreed in future the Board would go in camera for such topics. The in camera minutes will be included in the hard copy maintained by the Secretary but will not be in the posted version. This would mean any member would be able to see the minutes but would have to come to the office to do so.

It was agreed we would obtain a copy of Robert's Rules of Order for use at our meetings.

Board Membership

Marilyn explained that Linda Carvery is considering joining the Board and was expected to attend this evenings meeting to get a better impression of what is involved. Marilyn added that Reg Hody was attending for a second time and had decided to stand for the Board. Bernie nominated Reg and this was seconded by Chris. The nomination was approved unanimously.


It was agreed the next visioning session would be held on Tues, Nov 27th at 6:30. Marilyn asked that we restrict our discussion to marketing and public relations.

Provincial Health Council Project

Bernie and Marilyn have made the presentation to the Health Council and at present they are waiting for the Council's response. Marilyn pointed out that Jamie is willing to assist us through his contacts in Ottawa. Mark suggested the Council may benefit from seeing the use of the CCN Community Forum. There was a question about the present activity among the CCN Youth group. Marilyn thought it would be useful to consider involving youth in the Health Project.

Committee Reports


Ed pointed out that there are many fewer errors since the installation of the new equipment. Following a discussion on the new switch it was agreed we would proceed with the purchase of the 16 port unit with the understanding we would acquire an additional one as well. Jeff then distributed a report on the cost implications of the move to a 56K service. Ed pointed out that one of the significant implications is that conventional phones can be used at one end of the service but at the other, digital phone lines are required.
  • The CCN Tech Committee is able to handle the change over.
  • The additional cost per year is approximately $15. per person.
  • It is best to move the entire system over to the new service rather than a part.
  • This change will likely lead to an increase in PPP accounts.
  • There is a possibility we could have to pay for two services for a period of time.
  • The change-over would cost approximately $13,000.

There was a general agreement the change should be made. It was moved by Bernie Hart seconded by John McKay that notice be sent to all members prior to the final decision to change to a 56K service in order to allow input. Carried.


Jeff pointed out that it is time to begin the preparation of the 2002 Budget and we should be identifying needs which will be reflected in the budget.


Andrew reported he is still dealing with people getting viruses. He is also working on an installment plan for PPP payments. Other suggestions - use of pre-dated cheques; automatic withdrawal.

Mark asked about our intention to eliminate mailing lists which are no longer in use. Andrew indicated this is happening.


Marilyn reported the Committee has not met but the next meeting will be on Nov 26.

Other Business

Mark raised the issue of the Telephone Mail Box. Marilyn indicated she has worked out a solution with Andrew. Mark suggested the increased use of the PPP service will likely lead to an increase demand for phone assistance.

Christmas Party - Andrew and Marilyn are working on this event.

Andrew reported he now has access to; org; net; and biz. Marilyn suggested the use of these should be a part of the discussion during the next visioning session.

Meeting adjourned.


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