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November 4, 2004 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2004


  • Mark Alberstat
  • Tom Daly
  • Ed Dyer (arrived late)
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Bill Matheson (arrived late)
  • John McKay
  • Tanya Moxley
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Andrew D. Wright (arrived late)


  • Bernie Hart

Minutes of Previous Meeting

October minutes and current financials lost in an email bounce, will approve at December meeting.

Executive Report

The Executive have reviewed the Office Manager's performance. They agreed to offer a new contract with 3% salary increase. Performance improvements / indicators provided. A new reporting format is being developed by Bernie, but it still needs some work.

Andrew and Ed arrived 6:45; Marilyn asked Andrew to absent himself until report completed.

Tanya offered to send info regarding a software package for time tracking.

Moved by Tanya / Mark to approve the recommendation of the Executive to approve a new Office Manager contract. Motion carried.

Andrew rejoined meeting. Bill arrived at 7:05.

Technical Support Position

Tech support position

  • Johnathan may want to return to classes.
  • Contract of January- April suggested.
  • Jason McNeil possible alternative.
  • There is a need for full-time tech support as active volunteer support has decreased over last 5 years, but services have been added.

Moved by Tanya / John to offer a winter term tech support position at 20 hours per week. Rate to be negotiated from $12/hr. First offer to Johnathan, second offer to Jason. Motion carried with one abstention.

Search for Directors

John and Bill report no luck yet.

Chebucto Board Retreat

Unlikely until new year - this activity must be given priority.

CAIP (Canadian Association of Internet Providers)

Marilyn to write for more information.

Moved by John / Jeff to table further discussion until December meeting. Motion carried.

High Speed Offerings

Andrew updated us on high-speed possibilities. Jeff will call John Sherwood to clarify connectivity relationship with Dal.


Committee Reports

Finance Committee

Bernie is in China, and the Finance Report bounced in email, will be dealt with at December meeting.

Technical Committee

  • Backup server in place
  • Next step is off-site backup regime
  • Air conditioning upgrade delayed pending arrival of replacement equipment
  • Bill and Tanya request auto-notification of MoD (Message of the Day) on IMP Webmail login page.

Policy Committee

No report.

External Committee

There is a need for marketing strategy.

Dal article "PDF" (Acrobat file) will be distributed to Board.

Internal Committee

No report. Bill will update mailing list.


Other Business

Andrew noted apparent success of Herald advertising- suggested smaller ads more frequently.

Andrew is investigating CRTC high speed rulings.

WiFi experiment is working out well.

Suggestion to have more open Board meetings; invite non-Board participation.

Ed noted need to establish an AGM (Annual General Meeting) committee.

Marilyn will reconnect with Barb Allen about joining the HRC@P network.


The meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: December 2, 2004. 6:30 PM, Colloquium Room





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