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October 13, 2005 Board Minutes

Serving Your Community's Online Needs Since 1994.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
October 13, 2005


  • Mark Alberstat
  • Tom Daly
  • Ed Dyer
  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Bill Matheson
  • John McKay
  • Alan Turner


  • Dale Crory
  • Tanya Moxley
  • Marni Tuttle

In the absence of the Secretary, Marni Tuttle agreed to record the minutes.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Bernie / John moved approval of last month's minutes. CARRIED

Working Group Reports

Volunteer Recruitment (Bill): Group has not met since July 20th (Alan, Tanya, Marni, Bill). No progress to date. HRDS research is still required. Marni circulated a job description to the Board for discussion.


  • Volunteer Based Recruitment is a natural fit with the Internal Committee. With resources already stretched, and the value and clarity of Internal Committee in question, it seems an Internal Committee with a mandate for the Volunteer Based Recruitment project would be a good fit.
  • Activity is required on the project. This is an important priority for Chebucto.
  • Some of the recent loses are an indication that more work is required on Internal Committee and the volunteer project is one way to accomplish what is needed.
  • Opportunity for Internal Committee to help direct development activities to support the needs of groups
  • Consensus: The Internal Committee takes on responsibility for the Volunteer-Based Recruitment Project. All members of the project team become members of the Internal Committee.

Next steps: Bill to call meeting.

Business Marketing Plan (Marilyn): Group is very dysfunctional. Activity has been happening despite the group. Marilyn is working with Keith Sullivan to generate some skilled volunteer time from MPA students at Dalhousie. Likely start date of January or sooner. Next contact will come from Keith Sullivan by end of October.

Next steps: Marilyn to contact Keith Sullivan if no contact by October 31

Recent events

Connected Communities Conference (Ed): Ed attended Conference Oct 4 & 5 with unanimous approval of the Board. Samplings of presentations are available at Ed detailed presentations by a number of the presenters. A few themes emerged in all. Broadband is the future. It can be provided through a number of wireless ways, but that technology is still in development and likely to improve (WiMAX). The scale of wireless can be an issue. Definitions of accessibility vary - in some cases it is bringing a service at the same cost as commercial, because commercial is not available.


  • There are gaps in service available in Nova Scotia - even within and on the fringe of HRM.
  • Alvarion, hardware supplier for some projects. Could help provide wireless in Halifax at the cost of nearly $1000Cdn for users.
  • 802.11 (Wi-Fi) is less costly. Target hot spots to Cruise ships, and other areas off-campus.

Next steps: John to book meeting to discuss one month out.

HRCAP Forum (Bernie): Information available at The meetings were established with CAP and Envision Halifax to review needs in Halifax in part through citizens through better use of technology. More information online at Danny Graham is the lead on Envision Halifax. Chebucto will host their email and website. The group is interested in working with and through Chebucto. Could include development of some new tools (php, WYSWYG, blogs, rss) and possibly some grant-based finacing. Envision technical contact is keen to work with Chebucto. Chebucto is a team member in the development process. Chebucto is important to the goal of helping anyone participate.

Next steps: Executive team to meet with Executive Director and Tech @ Envision Halifax

Voluntary Sector Coalition (Marilyn): Coalition formed by volunteer agencies to have a greater voice with government, business and in the community. Is start-up phase with interim board looking to practical tasks (funding, internet access, board, staff, membership) with a goal of an AGM in May. The organization is keen not to be associated with any one organization. Chebucto would be appropriate host. Opportunity to influence other volunteer agencies in their internet decision

Discussion: - Steps we can take to offer better service.

Next steps: Arrange meeting requested by Margaret Fraser.

  • Ed, Andre and Jonathon to meet and discuss a customer focus on future tools. The board will be informed of the decision and timing.
  • Internal committee to suggest tools based on customer needs.

New regulations re registered charities

New regulations re registered charities (Marilyn): New legislation provided in brief in the brochure distributed may affect Chebucto. Legislation will require 3.5% of assets to be distributed every year.

Next steps: Marilyn and Bernie to ask consultant to provide opinion


Committee Reports

Technical Committee

Committee has kept a low profile and minimized expenditures. Web cam is up and running. Looking for a free upgrade to server. Goal for 2006 is to have a dedicated mail server.

Finance Committee

Finishing off the year with projected revenue will be a challenge. Lost clients are hurting revenue side. Additional revenue captured with new individual clients. New customer acquisition may be driven by advertising blitz.

Policy Committee

Nothing to report

External Committee

New brochures available.

Internal Committee

No report.


Other Business



The meeting adjourned ~ 8PM.

Next Meeting

November 10, 2005. 6:30 PM, Colloquium Room





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