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October 31, 2000 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
October 31


  • Sharon Parker, chair
  • Mark Rushton
  • Ed Dyer
  • James Carroll
  • Andrew Wright
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Grace Paterson


  • Krista Olmstead


  1. Call to order
  2. Appointment of temporary secretary
  3. Approval of minutes of previous meetings
  4. Election of new Board member, Technical Committee Chair and Operations Manager - Ed Dyer
  5. Election of Chairs of Communications and Membership Committees
  6. Financial Report, third quarter - general discussion of bank accounts, sub-accounts and revenue projections.
  7. Administration
  8. Christmas party date and planning
  9. New business
  10. Next meeting - Tuesday, November 21, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 6.40 pm

Marilyn MacDonald agreed to serve as temporary secretary.

Approval of the minutes of previous meetings was deferred

The chair announced that Ed Dyer had agreed to let his name be presented to the meeting for appointment as chair of the technical committee and operations manager. Moved, Mark Rushton Seconded, James Carroll: That Ed Dyer be appointed chair, technical committee and operations manager. Motion carried.

  1. A discussion of current challenges and improvements in the technical area ensued:
  2. A meeting is scheduled for November 1 between Ed Dyer and the executive and there will be a further meeting with others in the Chebucto organization. New memory has been ordered for the Halifax and Phoenix servers. It was noted that Bernie Hart's success in securing a donation will more than cover this expense and will free up money for other purchases.
  3. One hard drive, possibly two. is/are to be replaced with newer, faster equipment. In addition, the capability of a separate, secure server, especially important for the handling of financial transactions, is being investigated. The chair of the technical committee confirmed that the committee is addressing other problems in the technical system.

It was noted that Krista Jera Olmstead had resigned as chair of the communications committee and that a replacement would be needed. Moved, James Carroll Seconded, Andrew Wright: That Marilyn MacDonald be appointed chair of the communications committee. Motion carried.

  1. Derek Ferguson has resigned from the board and a replacement is needed. Chris Watt was suggested as a new member. Other suggestions were solicited, with a view to making the board as diversified and widely representative as possible
  2. It was noted that Krista Jera Olmstead has agreed to continue to act as chair of the membership committee.
  3. Mark Rushton reported that as a result of other commitments he will likely need to be temporarily or permanently replaced as chair of the volunteer committee

Financial Statements: Consequent on the discussion of the financial statements for the period ending September 30, 2000, several questions were raised with respect to the methods of reporting both revenues and expenses. Sharon Parker will follow up with the accountant Because of time commitments, James Carroll, chair of the finance committee, noted that he is experiencing some temporary difficulty in organizing fund raising initiatives. He will discuss the matter with Andrew Wright


  1. Under discussion of administrative matters, it was noted that suggestions are encouraged concerning a gift for Susan Lilley who volunteered her time as facilitator for the September strategic planning retreat.
  2. Sharon Parker announced that a bid had been received to provide the board with $ 1 million liability coverage for one year at a cost of $975 Moved, Marilyn MacDonald Seconded, Andrew Wright: That the board purchase such insurance. Motion carried.
  3. Sharon Parker agreed to investigate investment options for the $16,000 in GIC's held by CCN which mature at the end of December and to bring forward as an agenda item for the next board meeting.

    December 7 was set as the date for the CCN Christmas party.

    New Business:

    1. Committee reports should be submitted to the board list by e-mail prior to each board meeting
    2. The communications committee should consider internal communications as a priority for discussion.

      Date of next meeting: November 21,2000

      The meeting adjourned at 7.55 pm.


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