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CCN Board Minutes
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September 10, 2009 Board Minutes

Serving Your Community's Online Needs Since 1994.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2009


  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • Michael Marshall
  • Mary Rigby
  • Johnathan Thibodeau
  • Joe Thomas
  • Alan Turner
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Richard Connolly
  • Kent Murray

Minutes of last meeting

The meeting was called to order by Bernie at 6:35 pm.

The minutes of the 13 August Board Meeting were approved as circulated. Moved by Alan, seconded by Mike.


Committee Reports

Financial Report

Alan Turner, Treasurer, presented the financial statement for the month of August 2009.

The revenue for the month was $6024, providing a total income for the year thus far of $60587. Expenses for August were $6297. The expenditures for 2009 stand at $64169. The bank balance is $14530 Acceptance of the report moved by Alan, Seconded by Marilyn. Passed.

Technical Report

Johnathan summarized the work done over the past month and noted ongoing technical activity.

A three hour power outage was experienced during Hurricane Bill but the backup system was sufficient and CCN experienced no problems. However, last week when university shut off electricity to do some work on the water system CCN experienced some delay in receiving mail. The work was expected to take two hours, but it took four to complete. CCN users may have noted a slow-down in receiving mail, but there was no problem with outgoing mail.

When a personal account lapses the website is now removed. Previously the websites were left on for several months. The websites were not used nor were they updated so they simply took up space - removing them as the associated personal accounts lapse frees up space.

Annual Security Certificates are due this month. The cost will be about $700. Last time the certificates were renewed the annual fee period was extended to 18 months. The extension was based on the fact that CCN is a charity. Hopefully the same timeframe will be granted again.


Fenwick Tower

The contract relating to CCN's equipment on the roof of Fenwick Tower has been returned to Templeton Properties with comments arising from a meeting of the Executive. Andrew will be in contact with Templeton during the coming week.

One of the stipulations in the contact is that CCN purchase insurance for the equipment placed on the rooftop. Bell and Grant suggests the insurance cost would be in the order of $700. This is the same insurance HRM will require us to have. It seems additional locations and the cost of other roof top installations can be added to the initial policy.


Joe Howe Manor

Marilyn summarized the meeting CCN staff and executive members had with over 20 residents of the Joe Howe Manor on Victoria Street in South End Halifax this morning.

Marilyn proposed "CCN staff move forward on ordering equipment required for the Joe Howe Wifi project holding costs within a budget of $1000". The motion was seconded by Alan. Passed.

Johnathan will circulate a list of what is needed for the Wifi installation at Joe Howe, including approximate cost and order time.

Considering the work involved in installing the Joe Howe Wifi projects and the arrangements staff must make with regards to becoming ill with Swine Flu symptoms, there is a need to arrange for volunteers to cover office hours. Members were in favour of assessing this need and considering volunteering.


Presentation to HRM Council

CCN has been given a 5 minute time slot for a presentation to HRM Council on the evening of October 6. Marilyn will give the presentation. Bernie suggested a board meeting to deal with the contents of the presentation be held at least a week before that date. A press release will be needed in conjunction with the presentation.


Internet Town Hall Meeting

Mike, Jeff and anyone else able to make a meeting at noon tomorrow will be meeting with the Dal Student Union Vice-President and a member of the Students Computer Club to look into a feasible location and date for a Town Hall meeting on the future of accessibility to the Internet.

ACORN would assist in the publicity for the Town Hall, and continues to be interested in paying for some advertisement dealing with CCN's 15th Anniversary.


Next meeting

The next meeting will be Thursday, 8 October, 6:30 pm. However, prior to this date a meeting will be called primarily to develop the presentation to Council.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.





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