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September 18, 2001 Board Minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 18, 2001


  • Ed Dyer
  • Tom Fullerton
  • Bernie Hart
  • Marilyn MacDonald
  • John McKay
  • Mark Rushton
  • Jeff Warnica
  • Chris Watt
  • Andrew D. Wright


  • Grace Paterson


  • Johnathan Thibodeau

Minutes of August 28th, 2001 Meeting

It was moved by Ed Dyer and seconded by Andrew Wright that the minutes as amended be approved. Passed.

Security of the Board List

The Chair asked that this item be referred to the Tech Committee and be raised again at the Oct 9th Board meeting.

Board Membership

Bernie reported he had spoken with Tracey Jones (North Branch Library) who indicated she would not be able to let us know about her participation until the end of the month. However, she indicated if she could not serve, she would be willing to appoint Shawn Mantley. Based on the interest indicated by Bill Matheson it was moved by Andrew Wright and seconded by Bernie Hart that Bill Matheson be asked to serve on the Board for the remainder of this year. Passed unanimously. Bill agreed to serve as a member of the Internal Committee.

Marilyn indicated she would approach Linda Carvery to see whether she would be willing to serve.

The position of Vice Chair has been absent since the resignation of Jamie Carroll. Following a brief discussion during which Ed Dyer was absent Chris Watt nominated Ed for the position of Vice Chair. This nomination was seconded by Bernie Hart. This nomination was endorsed unanimously.

Marilyn asked Bernie to contact Telecommunities Canada to check on Viola's status as Atlantic Canada's representative.

Staff Matters

Johnathan was asked to leave during this discussion. Marilyn spoke about the need for ongoing assistance in the office. She added that Johnathan has been playing an extremely important role and she would like to recommend it be continued until at least the new year. The following points were raised:
  • There is a need in the office for a technically skilled person.
  • Johnathan has been paid for two hours per day but has been working much more.
  • In the past CCN has been able to rely on volunteers or people paid from other sources to provide the technical support.
  • Johnathan will be able to assist with the secure server project.

It was agreed that Ed, Marilyn and Andrew would work out the detailed terms of the employment.

It was moved by Ed Dyer, seconded by Mark Rushton that Johnathan be contracted for two hours per until the beginning of the (second) 2002 University Term in January. Passed unanimously.

Revitalization and Renewal

The To-Do list which had been compiled at a previous special meeting was circulated. The Chair began the discussion with a review of the capacity of the Board to make decisions as what is called a "Special Meeting". It was agreed that as long as proper notice is given including the agenda for the meeting, decisions made at such meetings are the same as those made an ordinary Board meetings.

The Membership Credit plan was reviewed. Andrew circulated a description, which will be used to market the plan. It was moved by Tom Fullerton, seconded by Ed Dyer that the plan as outlined in Andrews's description be approved. (Credit of $20. per membership up to the value of one account). Passed

Andrew agreed to get this online as soon as possible for the Board to review before going public.

It was agreed Marilyn, Andrew and Johnathan will prepare a draft brochure for marketing the plan.

Government Initiatives

Marilyn has contacted Jamie who will assist us in making contact with Senator Kirby. Bernie will contact the Provincial Health Council re a meeting. Grace will assist with a specific project for WOTS. Bernie will arrange a meeting with Ann Muecke.

Inner City Update

Bernie gave a brief description of the project. There was discussion of the demands such a project would place on the Servers.

It was moved by Mark, seconded by Jeff that Marilyn, Ed, Andrew and Bernie draft a plan and a budget and return to the Board for approval. Passed.

Committee Reports


New worms are causing problems. Andrew's computer is in need of attention, which will require an expenditure of $50. The Account expiry problem has now been addressed. There is still a need to free up space on the hard-drive. It was agreed we add more space as soon as possible as this expenditure is included in the budget.


Nothing to report.


Jeff circulated a summary of the CCN accounts and expenditures. He indicated there is a working balance of approximately $30,000. A portion of this will be transferred to a GIC. There was a discussion of the surplus funds. Jeff indicated at this point we do not have records to support our ownership of these funds.


Marilyn reported the Committee met on Sept 17th. WOTS was the key topic. The key topic was connectivity. At this point the Electropolis Studio is the most likely supplier. The major need for assistance will be for setting up and tearing down.


Marilyn suggested that Bill Matheson may be willing to serve as a Chair of the IPs.

Other Business

Andrew reported on the status of the "Supported Accounts" projects. He suggested CCN seed 10 Accounts. At this point the only criteria is that the person be on Social Assistance Benefits. Bernie indicated that Bob Weber of Community Services might be able to assist with a better definition of this criterion. Andrew agreed to draft a brochure to market this scheme to businesses.

There was also the question about supplying used computers with this program. Bernie will look into the role the Recycling Program could play. It was agreed not to include this possibility at this point.

The meeting adjourned.


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