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Junior System Administrator Job
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Chebucto Community Net
Junior System Administrator Job

Applications must be received in the
Chebucto Office by 5:00 PM,
Friday September 12, 2003.



* Applicant must be able to manage multiple priorities and tasks and be able to work independently.

* Applicant must possess strong writing skills and be able to communicate effectively.

* Applicant must have excellent interpersonal skills and a willingness to work as part of a team.

* Applicant must possess excellent computer skills (basic hardware/software knowledge).



* Must be skilled in Unix and Linux system administration. Solaris and Red Hat experience would be considered an asset.

* Familiarity with remote access services as used in a community net environment.

* Must be familiar with the internetworking and interoperability of servers.

* Familiarity with CSuite and Chebucto setup would be an asset.

* The candidate must be able to demonstrate through experience a recognition of the importance of providing high quality, continuous service to the members.


Task Dimensions:

1. To support a high quality of service to Chebucto Community Net users.

Tasks: Applicant will work under the supervision of the Office Manager to carry out duties assigned and prioritized by the Chair of the Technical Committee and the Office Manager or their designates.

Help support dialup service users text and PPP.

Mailing list management.

Log file monitoring and analysis.

Take lead in testing new server before it goes into production.

Assist with Postmaster issues.

Monitoring security issues, reporting and proposing solutions, with agreement of supervisor.

Assist with rollout of new tools or services as required.

Troubleshoot problems with system operations.


2. To communicate effectively.

Tasks: Weekly written report to the Office Manager and Executive Committee.

Report whenever there are system changes to the appropriate Technical Committee mailing list.

Prepare proposals for Technical Committee responses to issues discovered.

Prepare documentation as requested by the Technical Chair/Office Manager.


3. Systems administration and support.

Tasks: In order to support a high quality of service to members, occasional after-hours or extra work will be required. Compensation will be arranged.


Chebucto Community Net


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These duties are accepted by the applicant to be the assigned tasks of this Junior System Administrator position. Contractual remuneration for these services till the end of December 2003 is for forty (40) hours per week at a rate to be determined.

Applicant will agree to provide fourteen (14) days notice of intention to quit the position.

There will be a probationary period of two weeks before the assignment is confirmed.







Marilyn MacDonald, Chair, Board of Directors