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Dealing with Anger

In the macho world of men we are supposed to control our feelings and never let them see you cry. The one emotion that is a legitimate part of the male domain is the emotion of anger. Movies and other media influences portray angry male "heroes" solving their problems with violence. Below are some thoughts that may help unlock one of the "hot" emotions and introduce choices when dealing with anger. All choices that are part of reclaiming our emotional experiences and deciding for ourselves what it means to be masculine.

Note: Male violence against women is not about anger management. Most abusive men are very good at controlling their anger otherwise they would blow of at their boss or a stranger who wronged them. Male violence is rooted in our abuse of power and control. The focus here on anger is related more to promoting emotional literacy that can enhance the quality of everyone's relationships.

bullet Understanding Angry Behaviour
bullet Anatomy of Anger
bullet "I" Statements
bullet Anger Triggers
bullet What to do when you are angry

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