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Other Men Changing

The following links are from other men and men's groups who advocate change for men from both political and personal journey perspectives.  Also included here are some links to sites to some mentors to the men's movement because of the difference they made in the world. 

Political Change Type Guys

American (USA) Men's Groups

bulletAngry White Guy's FOR Affirmative Action
bulletJohn Stoltenberg
bulletMen For Change-Montana
bulletMens Resource Center of Northern New Mexico
bulletREAL MEN Work to End Violence Against Women (Boston)
bulletMen's Rape Prevention Project
bulletMen's Resource Center of Western Massachusettes
bulletMens Stuff: The National Men's Resource
bulletMen Stopping Violence
bulletNational Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)
bulletREAL men
bulletPartnerships Against Violence Network

Canadian Men's Groups

bulletMen's Network for Change a male positive, pro-feminist and gay affirmative network of men working for change.
bulletMichael Kaufman A leading influence on gender politics and solutions.
bulletWhite Ribbon Campaign Internationally recognized awareness campaign to stimulate discussion and action to end men's violence.

        The amazing world of ribbon campaigns  

International Men's Groups

bulletAntisexist Alternative: European mixed group of students against sexism
bulletMen's Awareness Network  (Australia)
bulletXY is an Australian magazine focused on men and masculinities.  More info or read it online.
bulletMen's International Peace Exchange
bulletMen For Men-England

Issues and Miscellaneous

bulletProfeminist Men's Groups Online
bulletEnding Men's Violence Citebase
bulletMore Men's Issues on the Internet
bulletMen Organized Against Infant Circumcision
bulletMen's Profeminist Activism Against Pornography and Prostitution
bulletWhat Every Man Can Do to End Violence

Personal Journey Type Guys

bulletAchilles Heel
bulletArticles on Men, Spirit, Soul and Shadow
bulletJames Hillman
bulletKing Warrior, Magician, Lover
bulletMankind Project, Reclaiming the Sacred Masculine
bulletMontgomery Men's Resource Centre
bulletNew Warrior Project (Definitely not the US Marines)
bulletPrinted Resources about Men's Work


bulletPromise Keepers Watch
bulletNOW on the Promise Keepers
bulletWhat Every Man Can Do to End Violence

Dead Guys Who Made a Difference

bulletAlbert Einstein
bulletAugusto Boal, Pedagogy of the Oppressed
bulletJoseph Campbell Foundation
bulletM.K. Gandhi
bulletMarshall McLuhan's prophetic voice on the influence of the media on society

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