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A Gathering of Men

Relationships...Changing Roles...Anger...Fatherhood...Sexism

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Open Public Meetings

We encourage men in their personal growth as a way of contributing to better relationships with ourselves, others and community by providing open discussion meetings, long-term support groups, biannual theme weekends and quarterly solstice and equinox farm retreats

Quarterly Gatherings at the Farm

Join us for our Equinox and Solstice weekends at a farm in Hants County. Be prepared to work the land, share a pot luck meal, sleep on the floor around a wood stove and generally have a good chat. You are encouraged to bring a drum because, hey, we can do that sort of thing there without the neighbours complaining.

We meet from noon on the Saturday before or on the Equinox and Solstice until noon the next day.
More on the Farm Solstice and Equinox Gatherings

Reflection Groups

For many of us the bi-weekly meetings with a group of the same men are an excellent way to grow and share life as it progresses. Since these groups are closed, ie. It is the same 6-8 guys that agree to meet for a year, a sense of safety is established and we get to check in on each others progress, offer advice (which we usually need ourselves), and generally support and encourage. We can discuss a prearranged topic (see above) or pick up on the rich experiences and challenges that arise when we do our "check in" at the start of the meeting.

Theme Weekends

Theme weekends are the most intense version and longest time commitment for men who wish to gather. Held twice a year from Friday night to late on Sunday, these weekends can have sweat lodges, directed exploration to the Jungian Archetypes and other masculine typologies (ugh, big word there).

The various themes we've explored so far:

bulletKing Weekend, February, 1997
bulletWarrior Weekend, November, 1997
bulletLover Weekend, February, 1998
bulletMagician Weekend, December, 1998
bulletWildman Weekend, May, 1999

How to contact us:

  1. Send E-mail to Men For Change for more information, comments or to become involved in the group.
  2. Regular Post: Men For Change P.O. Box 33005 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3L 4T6
  3. Phone:     (902) 492-4104

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