Clay & Cob

Clay, as well as being one of the oldest building materials, is perhaps the most versatile too. Mixed with straw, it insulates and preserves. Mixed with sand, it is incredibly hard and durable. Clay is sculptable, strong, healthy, forgiving and fun. An abundant and marvelous material, though, like all of us, with its limitations.

These are all common questions?

Clay structures can be very energy effiecient, especially when combined with straw. The result is termal mass with insulation which combines beautifully with passive solar designs.

Straw/clay construction is durable and has a history of longevity. Look no further than the United Kingdom for buildings still in use dating back 600 years.

Clay is generally available locally, which boosts local economy. It is also non- toxic both in chemical composition and in the processing of the materials.

Building with straw/clay lends itself to community built projects where people of all ages can participate.

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