Straw Bale Construction Workshops

This summer there are several opportunities to get hands on experience learning about straw bale construction and other natural building systems with Straw Bale Projects.

Workshops run from Friday evening until Monday supper. Maximum 15 participants. Cost is $250 which includes: three fantastic meals and snacks/per day, camping with access to shower and water facilities (what these are varies from project to project), and resource materials.

Slides, videos and discussions are part of the evening activities. Participants are encouraged to bring plans and ideas for their own projects to share with the group. No previous building experience required. These are full, fun days.

Topics to be covered:
Siting, design, permitting, foundations, wall systems, roofing systems, stucco/plaster/wood/gyproc finishes, wiring, plumbing, tools

Hands on instruction:
Building walls, half bale manufacture, stuffing with light straw clay/cob, parging, shaping bales for niches or bevels, roofing (depending upon design) and more.

Additional Workshops to be confirmed:


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