About the Atlantic SciencePlus Curriculum Project

The Atlantic Science Curriculum Project (ASCP) was initiated in Halifax, Nova Scotia during 1976-77 as an inter-university, interprovincial collaborative effort to improve science education in the M aritime Provinces of Canada. Following a survey of junior high science teachers in the region, a series of curriculum writing courses were conducted between 1977 and 1980 at five Canadian universities. The objective of these courses was to develop 'shareable' curriculum outlines.

With the encouragement of the participating teachers, a smaller group of authors began to write text materials for students in 1979. The first 19 units were developed, field tested and published during 1986-88 as SciencePlus, Maritime Edition. Now with nearly 30 units completed, SciencePlus has been adopted extensively throughout North America in several editions,including American English and Spanish editions.

ASCP continues to pursue it's activities working with teachers on continuing professional development in science education.

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20 Years of Action Research in Pursuit of Science & Technology Education

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