[NatureNS] re early ice out implications? -- excellent discussion,

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Oh dear, Jim!  

You are not ready for the texting world, ha, ha!  Grammar and punctuation
are entirely 'out the window' in the great haste to communicate.   Smile
-now indicated in the following way-  : )

(I hear you groaning from here.) 

You do make me smile as I recall my Biology lab exams returned and
'bleeding' with ink, even after I learned how to make better grades in your
class!  Your meticulous, high standards were, of course, probably for the

It's probably best now to focus only on the 'central message' (of which
Paul's is usually delightful). 

Far worse than the discipline of good grammar being in decline, is the
discipline of good forestry, and the discipline (and fun!) of learning
natural history.  All these domains are in decline, right along with
punctuation, though I am not sure they are related.

Speaking of good forestry in decline, I hear today that DNR has dropped the
FSC standard from our publically-owned Bowater lands. 

We're going down (or backwards).

Best regards,

Donna  (You will always remain a natural history mentor to me.) 

There was a mature eagle flying over Keji today.  

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Forgive me, everyone on this list, but I have held off on this for far too
long.  Some of you recall that I'm a punctuation freak with what I call
common-sense 'rules' about writing.  Most or all of you once were taught
basic grammar, and one rule that nobody follows any more, except yours
truly, is that when you address someone, you always set that name off with
one or two commas.  It's a matter for writing clearly.  Sorry to use Paul's
writing as the example, in my mind the point needed to be made.  Let's try
to set examples for others, and why has this very sensible rule now being
totally ignored?  Cheers?? from Jim in Wolfville.
On Feb 29, 2016, at 3:16 PM, rita.paul@ns.sympatico.ca wrote:

> Ice cover may not be gone yet Nancy!
> Lots of time to make ice yet
> Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.
> Paul
> > On February 29, 2016 at 2:27 PM NancyDowd <nancypdowd@gmail.com> wrote: 
> > 
> > 
> > I have never seen the ice completely gone from L Torment this early: 
> >

> > 
> > Last year it was not until the first week of May (the latest I ever saw-
quite a flip-flop). What effect, if any, might the early loss of ice cover
have on water chemistry, plants and animals? 
> > 
> > Nancy D 
> > E Dalhousie, Kings Co.

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