"Living in balance with the natural world, in the city as well as the countryside."
[ ]MANUAL - "BUILDING FOOD SECURITY IN CANADA" A Community Guide for Action on Hunger. Cost $25.00. Available from Kamloops Foodshare, c/o South Central Health Unit, 905 Southill Street, Kamloops, BC, V2B 7Z9. Phone (604) 554-6200.
Innovative Marketing by Local Farmers in the Maritimes - Growing relationships between customers and organic farmers.
Organic Farming Movement in Nova Scotia - Examples of successful organic farming.
Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project, PEI - Restoring the wealth and diversity of an Acadian forest.
Mi'kma'ki Aboriginal Fisheries Service - New directions in fisheries management.
Valuing Our Hardwood Forests - Finewood Flooring, Cape Breton, adds high value to harvested hardwood.


[ ]BOOK - "Caring for the Earth: A Strategy for Sustainable Living" by the World Conservation Union and the U.N. Environment Programme, 1991. This global strategy details a development plan that provides real improvements in the quality of human life while conserving the diversity of the Earth. Available on loan for free from the E&D Coalition, 1657 Barrington St. #133, Halifax, B3J 2A1. TEL: (902) 422-4276.
Ecology Action Centre - The EAC, Nova Scotia's largest environmental group, offers a library, a listing of internet resources & newsgroups, and 'defining the issues' backgrounders.
[ ]Article - "Economic benefits of recycling" (15 pgs) by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance is available from the library of the Clean Nova Scotia Foundation, 1675 Bedford Row, Halifax, TEL: (902) 420-3474.
Environmental News Network - A daily news package, monthly feature, and eco-marketplace from the U.S., plus an environmental navigator for the global internet.
Let's Fix the Maritimes Fisheries - Southwest Nova Scotia in-shore fishers offer a way to restore the fisheries and create jobs.
Let's Talk About Sustainability - A detailed look at the issues, and a checklist to determine if an activity is sustainable, from the Guideposts for a Sustainable Future project.
Rainforest Action Network - an international network with a mission to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants.
The Sustainable TIMES - This on-line quarterly periodical includes articles, opinions and success stories in these areas: Canada, Our World, Sustainable Business, and Natural Living.
Sustainable Agriculture Links - Loads of information, contacts and action ideas on sustainable agriculture.
[ ]VIDEO - "What's on the Table?" A 30 min. documentary that shows the state of Maritime farming, and why we must re-acquaint consumers with the food on their table. Available on loan for free from CUSO Atlantic, 1657 Barrington St. #508, Halifax, B3J 2A1. TEL: (902) 423-6709.
[ ]STUDY/PROPOSAL - "Visions of Life in a Sustainable 21st Century Canadian City" by the Centre for Future Studies in Housing and Living Environments, 1993 (200 p.). Available on loan for free from the E&D Coalition, 1657 Barrington St. #133, Halifax, B3J 2A1. TEL: (902) 422-4276.

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