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Children's Groups to Benefit from On-line Training

Halifax, Nova Scotia - A new program aimed at providing access to Internet training to community groups with a focus on children and the family will get underway thanks to a new partnership between Health Canada and the Chebucto Community Net.

Support for the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC), Canada's Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) and the Aboriginal Head Start Program (AHS) Projects Online is designed to increase and expand the electronic and networking skills of more than 44 projects in Atlantic Canada.

"Electronic communications training is seen as vital for projects to be able to communicate the results of their work," said the Honourable Allan Rock, Minister of Health. "As well, being able to learn more about what others are doing in the area of child health and development is important."

The Chebucto Community Net, a community-based provider of Internet access will receive a $40,000 contribution from Health Canada's Population Health Fund to train project members in the use of such electronic communication tools as e-mail, Netscape, search engines and electronic mailing lists.

The Population Health Fund supports time-limited projects which address the determinants of health such as employment and working conditions, education and healthy child development.

Chebucto Community Net Operations Manager, David Murdoch explained:

"since 1994, Chebucto Community Net has provided Internet access and training. We are able to complement face-to-face training with on-line tutorials and on-line help through electronic mail."

"We expect that about 90 people and the organizations they represent will directly benefit from this program," he continued. "Children's groups will be able to communicate better with one another, and share their experiences electronically."

For more information contact:

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Health Canada
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