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Origin of Name Hamilton: Hamultun
                        (From place name in England: Hambledon)
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As a lowland family, albeit a strong one, Hamilton does not warrant the official status of Highland clan; however, according to Collins' "Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia," Hamilton is a member of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. It takes its name from the English town of Hambledon. See Status of Clans.

Principals among Clan Hamilton are entitled Duke, not Chief. These Dukes of Hamilton descend from Walter Fitz-Gilbert de Hameldone, who served as governor of Bothwell Castle for the English during the Scottish War of Independence. Walter later joined Robert the Bruce, and received from him the Barony of Cadzow.

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When William, second Duke of Hamilton, died of wounds received at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, he was succeeded by his neice, Anne, Duchess of Hamilton. She married Lord William Douglas, and the Hamilton titles passed to Clan Douglas.
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{*} Dunblane Memorial
In memory of Thomas Hamilton; of Dunblane, Scotland
Who died Wednesday, 13 March 1996
of self-inflicted gun-shot wounds,
after he murdered fifteen students and their teacher
Class of Dunblane Primary, Dunblane, Scotland
The Dunblane Tragedy

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