Clan Douglas

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Gaelic Name of Douglas: Dubhghlas 
                      (place-name in Lanarkshire, meaning "black stream"). 
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Berwick Castle and the Battle of Melrose

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Clan Douglas Society

"In the margin, about one-third into The Book of Clan Douglas, Volume III, are written the words: `This is about the time when the Earth began'." (Mary Murray, nee Mary Douglas, of Earltown: 1991)

The origin of Clan Douglas, one of the most powerful families in Scotland, is unknown. Of them it is said: "Men have seen the stream, but what eye ever beheld its source?"

Some say the Douglases were once kinsmen of Freskin, founder of Clan Murray.

When William, second Duke of Hamilton, died of wounds received at Battle of Worcester in 1651, he was succeeded by his neice, Anne, Duchess of Hamilton. She married Lord William Douglas, and the Clan Hamilton titles passed to Clan Douglas.

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