The Keshen Goodman Library is being built by the Halifax Regional Library Board in the Clayton Park area of Halifax.

    The Thomas Raddall Library which currently serves Clayton Park is too small to meet the needs of the growing population. The new Library will be more than double the size of the Thomas Raddall branch and will be one of the largest libraries in the Halifax Regional Library system.

    The Library will be located at the entrance to Mainland Commons Park on Lacewood Drive.

    The City of Halifax Recreation Facilities Department plans to build a new recreational facility on the same site as the Library within a few years.

    Funding for the Keshen Goodman Library has been made possible through a bequest from the Keshen Goodman family.

    The project was initiated in September 1999. Construction is scheduled to begin in July 2000 with the official opening planned for the fall of 2001.

Design Team:

HOK Canada - planning and programming consultants
Urbana Architects Corporation - design and production architects
McFawn & Rogers Architects - associate architects
Blackwell Engineering - structural engineers
Campbell Comeau Engineering Ltd. - associate structural
Mulvey and Banani International Inc. - electrical
Dumac Energy Ltd. - associate electrical/mechanical
Smith and Andersen - mechanical
Entro Communications - signage
Aerocoustics Engineering Ltd. - acoustics
Vermeulens - cost consultants

Lower Level Site Plan

Site Context