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22. Bookmark manager organizes faves

By Mark Alberstat

If you enjoy cruising around the net, jumping from one spot to another never sure of what you might come across next, you probably have a string of bookmarks longer than the list of patches for Windows XP.

I bookmark any page that I think may be of interest and that I might want to go back to sometime later. The list tucked under my Favorites directory has more than 50 sites and it grows weekly. The bookmark management tools built into Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are ok but there are some third-party applications that do an even better job.

Bookmark management tools allow you to annotate your bookmarks, search them by keywords or phrases, categorize them and easily add news ones.

These tools can be broken down into two basic categories. The first are programs that you load on your machine and are add-ons to your web browser, or are programs that you use to find, sort and categorize your hundreds of bookmarks. The second type are online managers. These are sites, which you can store you bookmarks at and go to from any computer on the net, thus making your collection of bookmarks extremely portable.

One of the more popular shareware pieces in this category is Linkman. With this software, you can store thousands of URLs in its searchable database. You view and manage the bookmarks in an easy-to-use interface, and can easily import and export your list of favourite sites from most browsers. This software can be downloaded at most shareware sites and is free and open to use for 30 days. After that you either ante up $30.00 (US) or the save and export commands are disabled, making further use of the software pretty much useless if you want to add new URLs to your database. This software claims to work on all versions of Windows; I tested it on a Windows 2000 machine and it worked just fine.

For Mac OS X users there is a powerful program called URL Manager 2002. This program lets you store all of your bookmarks from virtually any Mac browser but also includes Explorer, Netscape and Opera as importable source formats. Like Linkman. URL Manager stores your links in its own database. With this you can browse, print reports, create custom queries, web pages, or even ASCII files.

If neither of these programs suit your needs, there are lots more out there for downloading, and most of them allow some free-use time period.

The online-side of bookmark managers has grown over the past two years, much like the online image sharing sites, which have a few similar features.

With most of the bookmark sites, you create an account the first time on the site. The site's scripts may read your current browser's bookmark file or you create a series of bookmarks on your own and these are then stored there. Next time you logon to the site, your bookmarks are available to you, no matter where you are in the world. Some of the more sophisticated sites, like BaBoo (which hosts The Mousepad's public bookmarks), allow you to make your bookmarks public and you may, therefore, share them with a friend, your family or the world. - bookmarking website - bookmarking software - bookmarking website - a round-up page of bookmark software - a pay-for bookmarking website - bookmarking software - bookmarking software

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Originally published 23 November 2003


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