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45. Halloween treats lurk on Internet

By Mark Alberstat

With Halloween just around the corner, the goblins and ghosts will be jumping out from behind trees, ringing the doorbell and asking for candy. Why not bring that Halloween spirit to your computer?

Whether you are running a Windows-based PC or a Mac, there is a smoking cauldron full of fun Halloween downloads. The following is a small sampling of what you can find on the Internet for your downloading pleasure to haunt your computer or send shivers down the spines of your co-workers.

One site that is completely - and always - ready for Halloween is the Ben&Jerry's ice-cream site. Self-professed lovers of Halloween, Ben&Jerry's has online games, e-cards, creepy crafts, a screen saver for Mac and Windows, and much more. Never taking itself too seriously, this site even has a graveyard of flavours they have tried over the years but which gave up the ghost for one reason or another. offers a similar but larger treat bag of Halloween goodies, including a list of costume ideas and directions on how to make them. The Bug-ologist costume is among those that may appeal to your little trick-or-treater.

To really prepare your computer for the holiday, you need a Halloween theme pack and there are plenty out there.

For the Mac OS X and Classic OS, has a Halloween theme complete with tombstone menu systems, pumpkins and bones icons. This site also has several Halloween-themed desktop images, including Sleepy Hollow with its headless horseman. If you do a search at for Halloween, you will also come up with a variety of Mac themes.

For the Windows side of things, there are a number of sites that feature ghoulish themes. One of the biggest is at

PC World magazine has a nice one for downloading at its site. Although the images in this theme pack could be better, the sounds are well worth a shiver or two. There are also a lot of themes at, including a very pumpkin-inspired Halloween one.

For Windows-based screen savers, look no further than The Halloween screen saver here won't scare anyone who doesn't mind the occasional walking skeleton or floating demonic skull.

For Mac screen savers, the dedicated site of will find you a few, as will the download section of

If you would prefer to play with your ghosts and ghouls, there are a few sites that offer free Halloween-inspired games. has several games to be played online, including a haunted house with excellent sounds as well as a few scary jigsaw puzzles. The links page on this site could also keep you up well past the witching hour. is another site with a few online games for the younger online ghouls. Although the makers of various Halloween goodies bring the site to you, the promotional side of the site is not overwhelming. The domestic witch or warlock might take a peek at the recipe section, which includes such goodies as Witches' Brew, Chocolate Spider Web Cake and Yummy Mummy Cookies.

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Originally published 24 October 2004


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