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Updated: 23 April 2002

AGM news

Chebucto Chair Marilyn MacDonald at Chebucto AGM Attendance was light at this year's Annual General Meeting of the Chebucto Community Net Society with about thirty members turning out at the North Branch Library. Short presentations by Chebucto Board member Andrew Wright and Gordon Michael from the Halifax Inner City Initiative opened the meeting.

Five members of the present Chebucto Board of Directors stood for election: Bernie Hart, Marilyn MacDonald, Mark Rushton and mid-term replacement Directors Mark Alberstat and Reg Hody. Filling the last Board vacancy was Gerard MacNeil, one of Chebucto's founders, who was nominated from the floor. Director Grace Paterson successfully completed her two year term in office and did not re-offer.

Highlights of the meeting include the announcement that Chebucto will be moving to 56 K service in the summer of 2002, and that careful financial management last year has resulted in Chebucto being in a good position to help fund needed equipment upgrades. Both Policy Committee Chair Andrew Wright and Technical Committee Chair Ed Dyer's reports focused on the issues surrounding spam (bulk unsolicited commercial email) and virus attacks and filtering and the negative impact on Chebucto's resources.

Outstanding Volunteer recognition given to Ed Dyer Chebucto Vice Chair and Technical Committee Chair Ed Dyer was recognized for his outstanding volunteer efforts on Chebucto's behalf and presented with a small gift by Chebucto Chair Marilyn MacDonald (pictured above).

New Webmail well received,
one bug so far

User reactions to the new Chebucto Webmail have been positive with most people commenting favourably on the speed of the new service. Some reports of problems printing email are being followed up on by the Technical Committee. It appears that the Netscape 4 browser will print garbage characters instead of text. Version 6 Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator browsers do not appear to have this problem.

Secure encrypted Webmail and the Chebucto home page Webmail form are both still offline, but are being worked on by Technical Committee volunteers.

Low-Cost Custom Web Addresses Now Available

Chebucto users, groups and businesses can now have low cost custom website and email addresses. For $20 a year or less, full details here, users can have a custom Chebucto Sub-Domain name.

Non-Profit groups on Chebucto can have the website address, where name would be replaced by the organization or group name. Small businesses on Chebucto can customize the website address; individuals and families can customize with their family name; and Chebucto-based information resources can customize the web address

Email aliases to registered Chebucto sub-domain names are also available for $10 per year per alias. These email aliases can redirect mail to any email account.

New Membership Reward Plan!

Chebucto is pleased to announce a new Membership Reward Plan open to all current Chebucto members. Full Details here.

For each new Sustaining or Family Sustaining member who tells us they were referred to us by you, we'll give you a $20 credit good towards your next Sustaining or Family Sustaining membership. "Word of mouth" advertising can now get you free internet: five referrals are good for a free Sustaining membership, including a year of our famous Chebucto Plus full graphical access.

Chebucto Users tops in *.NS.CA SETI processing

SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, has been processing their radio telescope data with home users' computers for years now. Using an innovative screensaver which runs whenever the user computer is not in use, SETI has had more than 956,000 years of high quality computer processor time donated to it.

Of all the computer domains ending in the letters NS.CA, denoting Nova Scotia, now ranks number one, beating out both the government of Nova Scotia and the vast resources of EdNet, the schools network. Current stats here. Chebucto users have sent in more than 13,000 results, representing more than 28 years of CPU time that would otherwise have been wasted.

Outlook user email advisory

After the recent wave of viruses specifically targetting users of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express email programs, and the constant stream of user complaints about randomly altered program settings and difficulty using the program, the Chebucto Community Net Office and the Chebucto Technical Committee recommend our users do not use either Outlook or Outlook Express as their email program.

Windows Users can find a selection of email programs available for download here and Macintosh users can find a selection of email programs here.



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